Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1188 - Huohuo 's Acquaintance (4)

Chapter 1188: Huohuo ‘s Acquaintance (4)

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“You left me behind in the Ye Family, telling me that you would come back and marry me after I recovered, but in the end, I couldn’t even find your smell…”

His smell was gone, which meant he was dead and about to be reincarnated. It didn’t occur to her that when she sensed his smell again, he would already have a fiancée…

How ridiculous this was!

He just forgot her and even thought that she was insane.

“Are you kidding me, little girl?” Jing Jiang sneered, “I’m not a pedophile. I would never love a little girl as young as you. Besides, I really don’t know you or the Ye Family you talked about. I have to go now and I’ll thank you another day.”

With that, the scholar made an obeisance again and left without looking back.

When his figure disappeared, Huohuo couldn’t help but lean against Yun Luofeng’s chest. Tears fell down silently.

“Master… he promised me he would come back to me, but now he has forgotten me and has a fiancée. What should I do?” Huohuo tightly clutched Yun Luofeng’s clothes, her face shockingly pale.

Yun Luofeng squinted. “Huohuo, are you sure he’s the Ye Family ancestor?”

She doubted it. How could a person as powerful as the Ye Family ancestor be bullied by a group of hooligans?

Huohuo nodded with certainty, “He has Ah Ye’s smell in him. It must be him. This can’t be wrong! Master, what should I do now? He has completely forgotten me…”

In her life, she had been waiting for two persons.

One was Yun Luofeng, and the other was the Ye Family ancestor.

She had found Yun Luofeng, but the Ye Family ancestor had forgotten her…

“Huohuo, let’s confirm that he really is the Ye Family ancestor first.”

The girl reached out her hands and hugged Huohuo. She stroked her hair and tried to comfort her.

“Master,” Huohuo wiped the tears from her eyes, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t control myself and just ran out of the God Code Space when I saw him being bullied. Sorry to cause you trouble.”

“Huohuo,” Yun Luofeng said, looking down at Huohuo with a serious expression, “To me, it isn’t a trouble! If he’s really the Ye Family ancestor, I would save him anyways even if you didn’t do anything! So, I won’t blame you for this. Don’t worry.”

“But… the academy has people tracking you. Once I showed up, my identity is exposed.”

Huohuo looked carefully at Yun Luofeng. She failed to control herself just now, and now she realized that she had made a great mistake.

Yun Luofeng squinted, “The people who came to God Burial Mountain are all my teachers’ students, and I’ll explain it to them. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Huohuo nodded, and then… turned her bloodshot eyes to An Zihao.

Being stared at by Houhuo, An Zihao shuddered and hurriedly promised, “Don’t worry. I didn’t see anything and I won’t say anything.”

The little girl also nodded, “I didn’t see anything either.”

“Humph!” Huohuo snorted, “If I find out that you have leaked anything about this, you will end up like those people who were burned to ashes by me just now!”

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