Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1185 - Huohuo’s Acquaintance (1)

Chapter 1185: Huohuo's Acquaintance (1)

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Because she had taken Xiao Bai as disciple, she had to be responsible for her. But if Xiao Bai and she were just strangers, would she try so hard to save her?

The answer was no!

But now, no matter what kind of danger Xiao Bai faced, she would keep her safe even at the expense of her own life!

Xiao Mo decided to tell her the truth. “Okay, Master, let me tell you the truth. Arale is only six years old now and she isn’t aware of her own identity. The strong masters of the continent haven’t noticed her, but in two years, her body odor will increase and then she will be pursued by these strong masters.”

Yun Luofeng took a sip of tea and said indifferently, “So you want me to be hunted down with her?”

“Master, no, you misunderstood me,” Xiao Mo said with an aggrieved look. “It’s good for you. Don’t you want to own such a magnificent creature?”

Listening to his tempting words, Yun Luofeng spat out the answer without even thinking about it.


“Master…” Xiao Mo was speechless. “In fact, I sympathize with Arale. As a humanoid fruit, she can only live to ten years old even if she isn’t pursued by strong masters, unless… unless she becomes a sage-level spirit cultivator by the age of ten! Of course, she can’t do it on her own, unless you help her.”

Yun Luofeng stood up and said lazily, “I’m going to sleep.”

Seeing that Yun Luofeng was going to turn around and walk to her bed, he became anxious. “Master, don’t you want to heal your arm? Besides the holy water of the Saintly Virgin Tribe, there is also something that can be used as a kind of medicine to heal your right arm. I didn’t tell you before because this medicine was too difficult to get.”

Sure enough, Yun Luofeng paused and listened to him, with her back to him.

“That is the juice from a humanoid fruit!”

Yun Luofeng looked back at Xiao Mo, “Juice?”

“Yes,” Xiao Mo nodded, “the juice is Arale’s tears.”

Yun Luofeng’s fingers stroked her chin and her eyes flickered, “Aren’t you trying to trick me again?”

Xiao Mo turned black. Why didn’t Master believe him though he was telling the truth? Was he so unreliable in her mind?

“Master, I promise I’m not hiding anything from you this time.”

Yun Luofeng glanced at Xiao Mo. “Let’s see. If Arale’s enemies are more troublesome than the Saintly Virgin Tribe, I’d rather go to the Saintly Virgin Tribe for the holy water…”

Xiao Mo lowered his head and sighed. Yes, this seemed to be the best choice…

Three days later.

On the academy’s square, countless people were whispering and talking curiously.


A dry cough rang and made the whole square quiet for a moment.

“This time, your test mission is to spend seven days in the God Burial Mountain, and if you leave the mountain safely after seven days, you will be admitted to the academy. Otherwise you will be expelled. Of course, you don’t have to worry about safety. If there is any danger, someone will come and save you.”

Hearing the old man’s words, the crowd was in an uproar.

It was said that the God Burial Mountain was so dangerous that even god would be buried there. Especially the top of the mountain. Even the elders of the academy might not dare to go there.

Fortunately, the academy just asked them to stay in the mountains for seven days, not to finish some tasks there. All they had to do was to find a safe place to stay for seven days.


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