Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1183 - Test (5)

Chapter 1183: Test (5)

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Thinking of Yun Luofeng, the elders immediately forgot the tragedy of the Infinity Sect and a proud smile appeared on their faces.

“We were really lucky to have such a gifted disciple, and when the other elders learn about it, I wonder if they will have an urge to cry, haha!”

There were many elders in the West Province Academy. However, some of them didn’t stay in the Elders’ Office that day, so they didn’t know about Yun Luofeng…

The West Province cultivator Academy arranged cultivation rooms for disciples and they would even sleep in them.

The cultivation rooms fell into four types according to a student’s level, which were respectively heaven-level, earth-level, black-level, and yellow-level rooms. Among them, as the worst ones, the yellow-level cultivation rooms were only common small rooms with very little spirit energy. On the contrary, the heaven-level rooms were as luxurious as residences of rich families and the spirit energy in them was so dense that it had turned into a thick fog.

If you cultivated in it, you would get twice the result with half the effort.

As for the ranking of the students…

There were four rolls with syudent rankings, which were also named after heaven, earth, black, and yellow.

All newly-enrolled students were listed on the Yellow Roll. If anyone wanted to have a rise in rank, he had to challenge a disciple listed on the Black Roll; and those on the Black Roll who wanted to have a rise in rank also had to fight with disciples listed on the Earth Roll.

Except for the Yellow Roll, all other rolls had a limitation on the number of disciples…

There were only fifty disciples on the Black Roll, twenty on the Earth Roll, and ten on the Heaven Roll! So if anyone was defeated by a disciple on the Yellow Roll, he would be demoted to the Yellow Roll and had to hand over his cultivation room.

If he wanted to return to the Black Roll, he had to challenge a disciple of the Black Roll from scratch…

This was the rule of the West Province Academy!

“This is your room.”

A disciple took Yun Luofeng and the other people into a cultivation room and said expressionlessly, “If you can’t pass the test in three days, you have to hand over this room and leave the academy.”

An Zihao frowned in disgust. “Isn’t there a better room? This room is dirty and messy. How can my Miss live here?”

The disciple sneered and a contemptuous smile appeared on his face. “Yes, there are better rooms. But those rooms aren’t for people like you. You’d better just shut up and take it.”

A guard, a several-year-old girl, and a teenage girl who hadn’t even started cultivation, what made them think they could choose a cultivation room? Every disciple started from this kind of room! He didn’t even complain. What made them think they could?

“Be polite!

Angered by his attitude, An Zihao glared at the disciple. He didn’t mind being insulted, but he would never allow anyone to insult his Miss.

Just as An Zihao was trying to get a better room, Yun Luofeng quietly pushed the door open and walked into the room. She sat down, took out the tea set and tea leaves from her space ring and made herself a cup of tea, her face calm and her black, unfathomable eyes impassive.

An Zihao immediately stopped talking.

Even Yun Luofeng didn’t complain about the living conditions. As a man, why couldn’t he bear it?


“Miss, I’m sorry I can’t find a better room for you.” An Zihao lowered his head and said apologetically.

Even in those days when they were on the run, he never let Miss live in such terrible conditions! Even if he went begging, he would let Miss live a comfortable life.

But… when they came to the West Province Academy, his Miss who had never gone through any real hardship had to live in such a shabby room.


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