Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1181 - Test (3)

Chapter 1181: Test (3)

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“By the way…” Xue Ying seemed to think of something and said, blinking her beautiful eyes, “I heard that our disciple hasn’t become a spirit cultivator. With her strength, she will not be able to pass the test of the academy! Why don’t we just let her pass it now?”

“That’s a good idea. Our disciple is delicate. How can she stand the test? I think we should just let her pass!” Ling Hai agreed with Xue Ying.

Since Yun Luofeng had become their disciple, there was no need for her to participate in the test and she could be directly admitted to the Academy.

“No.” Yun Luofeng, however, shook her head and refused their kindness. “I can get into the academy with my own strength, and I don’t need any back door.”

“Haha.” He laughed, stroking his snow-white beard and nodding with satisfaction, “Good! Okay, you can take the test if you want! But if you really can’t handle it, you can give up. I’ll let someone protect you.”

Because the stone didn’t detect Yun Luofeng’s level, they thought she hadn’t started cultivation, so they had this concern. Yun Luofeng didn’t refuse their kindness, or explain it to them.

She came here for the Soul Fruit. Before taking it, she had to hide her strength. Otherwise, if others found out about her strength, they would certainly doubt her purpose for entering the Academy.

She would never expose her real strength until she had the Soul Fruit!

“Disciple, have you decided which course you’ll take?” Xue Ying looked at Yun Luofeng tenderly and spoke kindly.

“On this continent, the profession of physician is very popular. Disciple, learn medical skills with me and you will be highly esteemed,” said Ling Hai with a chuckle.

“Medicine is boring, not as interesting as beast taming! My baby disciple, learn beast taming with me. I’ll catch a spirit beast for you as your ride.”

“No! She is good at cultivation, so she should concentrate on cultivation. Medicine and beast taming are not suitable for her.”

The elders began to argue again. They violently exchanged words and their faces flushed with anger, as if they would not stop until they reached their goal.

The corners of Yun Luofeng’s mouth twitched as she watched them argue. She turned to the old man who brought her here and asked, “So is this the way your elders communicate with each other?”

The old man was so embarrassed that he wished he could find a hole to hide in..

“They do often argue for an item or a talent, but this is the first time they have argued so violently.”

He meant that they would not have argued like this had it not been for Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng interrupted the old men’s argument with a smile on her lips.

“Stop arguing. I prefer liberal studies!” Yun Luofeng stroked her chin and blinked, and a wicked smile appeared over her lips, “So maybe I’ll be frequently absent from the courses of the academy. I would like to tell you about this in advance.”

When she was in Huaxia, she was also frequently absent from school, because she preferred self-study to classroom learning …

Void sighed helplessly, “You can do as you like. Since you’re our disciple, you’ll have this freedom. You can study by yourself if you don’t want to go to class! But if you have any problem, you can ask me anytime…”


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