Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1180 - Test (2)

Chapter 1180: Test (2)

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An Zihao smiled in embarrassment and quickly looked away. Thank goodness Yun Luofeng didn’t drive them away, as he really didn’t want to ruin the relationship at the moment…

“Ladies and gentlemen.”

Just then, the old man responsible for registration that day stood up, cleared his throat and said, “There are three kinds of courses in our West Province Academy, which are cultivation, medical skill and beast taming. You can choose the classes you are interested in.”

As the old man spoke, the crowd quieted down, and all eyes were fixed on him.

“Besides, there will be a test before school starts. Only by passing this test can you successfully enter the academy! I wish you good luck,” the old man said with a smile.

The crowd was in an uproar. Curious about the subsequent test, everyone began to talk about it.

“Okay, you can leave and prepare for the test now. It will be held in three days.”

Taking a look at the crowd, the old man walked directly to Yun Luofeng. Before he left, he dropped a few words.

“Come to the Elders’ Office with me. The elders want to see you.”

As he deliberately kept his voice low, only An Zihao, who was standing next to Yun Luofeng, heard his words. A gleam flickered across An Zihao’s eyes and he realized that he was not following the wrong person…

Yun Luofeng must have the strength to protect them!

Yun Luofeng, however, didn’t know what he was thinking and followed the man into the Elders’ Office.

At this time, the elders in the Elders’ Office had been waiting there. When they saw Yun Luofeng entering the room, their eyes brightened and they rushed forward.

“Miss Yun, what’s your decision? Which one do you want to choose to become your teacher?” All eyes were fixed on her, and there was nervousness in them.

Yun Luofeng stroked her chin and blinked, “I’ve seen all your presents, and I like them all. It’s difficult for me to pick one of them.”

Her answer made the elders more nervous and afraid of being rejected by her.

“Miss Yun, do you have a favorite?”

Yun Luofeng smiled, “I think I can take all of you as my teachers.”

As soon as they arrived at the West Province Academy, Xiao Mo had discovered that the soul fruit was in this Elders’ Office.

For this reason, she must enter the Elders’ Office to find the soul fruit. Therefore, it was the best choice to take all these elders as her teachers!

The elders were astonished at her words, and looked at each other in astonishment.

“All the elders take a common disciple? This has never happened before.”

All the elders of the West Province Academy were in a competitive relationship, so they had never considered accepting a common disciple.

Xu Kong pondered and said, “I think it works. Since none of us wants to give her up, why don’t we all become her teachers?”

“This seems to be the only choice. I don’t want to give her up anyways. What about you?” another elder echoed.

All the elders nodded and their luminous eyes stared at Yun Luofeng.

Void coughed and explained with a smile, “Girl, you are now the disciple of all of us. Let me introduce myself. I am Elder Xu Kong of the West Province Academy, the white-robed man beside me is Xu Wu, the red-robed one is Ling Hai, the one who has a pointed mouth and ape’s cheek is Qiong Tian! As for the only woman among the elders… it is Xue Ying! Now you are our disciple, and we’ll even risk our lives to protect you if anyone dares to bully you.”


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