Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1175 - Seven Province Continent (3)

Chapter 1175: Seven Province Continent (3)

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“If you keep following me, don’t blame me for being rude to you!” Yun Luofeng sternly looked at them and strode away.

The little girl stopped, and the moment she lowered her eyes, tears came back to her eyes.

“What shall we do, Brother Zihao? That bad woman will never let me go.”

The boy clapped his chest with assurance. “Miss, don’t worry. You have me. I’ll protect you from any danger.”

“Brother Zihao, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t encumber you.” The little girl wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have to keep hiding with me.”

“Miss, it’s my responsibility to protect you. I’ll protect you from any danger.”

“Brother Zihao, in fact, I don’t quite understand. Why did you follow that lady just now?” The little girl tilted her head and her big bright eyes were filled with curiosity.

The boy pondered, “First, the woman is quite strong. She is at least a sage-level spirit cultivator, and second… did you see the jade pendant on her waist?”

The little girl nodded, “Yes, there is a ‘Jun’ engraved on it.”

“Miss, don’t you know what this word means? On the Seven Province Continent, only one person has this surname, which is the Province Master of the Spirit Province!”

Within the forest.

Making sure that the two didn’t follow her, Yun Luofeng breathed a slow sigh of relief. “I finally got rid of them.”

Was she out of luck? Why did this happen to her as soon as she stepped on the Seven Province Continent? At first, she was mistaken as a killer for no reason. And then the two who misunderstood her insisted on following her.

“Master, I think that little girl looks good.” Xiao Mo’s voice came from within her soul.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. “You already have Xiaobai. How can you still think of other girls?”

“Master, I mean that you can marry her to Little Tree,” Xiao Mo laughed.

Yun Luofeng smiled and shook her head, “Forget it. Didn’t you hear them? That little girl is being hunted by someone, and we’d better not get involved in it before we find out who wants to kill her.”

She was not afraid of trouble or danger…

But she didn’t want to put herself in danger for a stranger.

“Master, I think we should look for soul fruit first. Though we got one from the Ji Family, it’s not enough to repair Xiao Bai’s soul. We have to find more of them.”

“Yes, let’s go find it.”

Yun Luofeng moved her shoulders and a light shone through her slightly squinted eyes. Beyond the forest was an ancient gate. There was a long queue at the gate of the city.

Yun Luofeng walked into the crowd and looked ahead at the long queue, frowning and mumbling, “What’s going on in this city? Why is there such a long queue?”

In front of Yun Luofeng was a young man who couldn’t help but look back at her upon hearing her words. “Why did you queue up since you don’t even know what’s going on here? Today is the registration day of the Western Province Academy. People came here to sign up.”


Yun Luofeng was stunned. Were there also academies on this ancient continent?

Yun Luofeng hesitated and then humbly asked, “May I ask you what academy means?”

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