Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1170 - Tianhui Empire Wiped Out (4)

Chapter 1170: Tianhui Empire Wiped Out (4)

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“Okay.” Huohuo blinked and walked to Long Yuan and Noble Consort Liu, grinning. Her childish little face wore a sinister smile. “You’d better not try to fight, or else my flame will go out of control!” A flame appeared on her opened little hand.

Seeing the flame, Long Yuan and Noble Consort Liu shuddered and no longer dared move.

“Good,” Huohuo said with satisfaction, withdrawing the fire and laughing grimly. “Are you going to go by yourselves, or be taken by me?”

No matter how unwilling they were, Long Yuan and Noble Consort Liu had no choice but stand up and follow Huohuo.

“Milk Tea, all of you, go back,” Yun Luofeng waved her hand and all the gold-seeking hamsters suddenly disappeared. Then she turned her eyes to Huohuo, “Let’s go home.”

At this time, the Emperor and Noble Consort Liu’s eyes were filled with despair, knowing what was waiting for them next…

When Yun Luofeng escorted them to the Tianyun Kingdom, regardless of the dissuasions from others, the enraged Empress picked up a dagger, rushed to them and madly stabbed Long Yuan’s body. Her eyes were full of hatred as if she wished to cut this man into pieces right away.

If the Emperor hadn’t stopped her in time, perhaps the Empress would have completely lost her mind and risked miscarriage again…

Yun Luofeng, who had fulfilled her promise to the Empress, locked herself behind the door and studied the Void Mirror, but even Xiao Mo didn’t know how to use this mirror.

A few days later, Qin Yuan who was sent to the two empires by her returned.

Upon his Return, Yun Luofeng’s first question to him was, “How did you get back to the Continent of No Return?”

Qin Yuan touched the back of his head, “The place where Master and I were at is called the Seven Province Continent, which is totally different from the Continent of No Return. On that Continent, there are special people guarding the space wormhole, who will open it every two years, allowing the people of the two continents to communicate.”

“As far as I know, it hasn’t been two years since you left,” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, “so how did you manage to come back?”

Qin Yuan coughed in embarrassment. “Well, I knocked out the space-wormhole guard so I could go out.”

Yun Luofeng rose slowly, “Qin Yuan, tell me where the space wormhole is, because I’ll be going to the Seven Province Continent in a few days. Besides, I hope you can stay here and keep my family and friends safe.”

“Mistress,” Qin Yuan was stunned, “Master sent me here to protect you. If I stay here, who will protect you?”

“I’ll be fine,” Yun Luofeng slowly turned around, looked up at the azure blue sky and said sternly, “and I don’t want to see this kind of tragedy happen again.”

Her hands clenched into fists. Whenever she thought of Jian Chengwen’s death, her heart jerked sharply hard and hurt. Tragedy had already happened once, and she didn’t want to see it happen again.

Only if Qin Yuan stayed here could she go away and not be worried.

Qin Yuan sighed helplessly, “Mistress, since Master sent me here to protect you, I will surely follow any of your instructions. Don’t worry. I will protect your family for you.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Yun Luofeng thanked him and pushed open the door.

Inside the hall, Ye Jingchen and Jun Fengling were teasing their children. As soon as they saw Yun Luofeng walking in, they stood up and turned their eyes to her.

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