Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1165 - Yun Luofeng Came Back (5)

Chapter 1165: Yun Luofeng Came Back (5)

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The Empress loosened her hands. “That’s good, that’s good! You must avenge your Uncle Jian. He died so miserably.”

“I’ll certainly avenge him! But you should take care of your baby. Uncle Jian has passed away. Do you want to lose your baby too?”

Her baby?

The Empress shivered and tenderly stroked her bulging belly, her lowered eyes filled with grief.

“I know I can’t be like this, but whenever I think of your Uncle Jian’s death, I feel so sad that I can’t extricate myself from it. Because of this, my baby was hurt. The imperial physicians told me I may have a miscarriage.”

“Empress, what are you talking about,” the Emperor gently stroked the Empress’s hair, and lovingly said to her, “Don’t worry, our baby will be fine. Feng’er has come back. With her here, our baby won’t have any problem. The only thing you should do is to restrain your grief and let General Jian rest in peace.”

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the Empress’s belly, pondered and said, “I will go to the Tianhui Empire right away. Before that, I’ll leave you a prescription. Please make a medicinal soup according to it. You will recover soon after taking the medicinal soup.”

“Miss Yun, thank you again.” the Emperor said gratefully, “You saved the Empress’s life and helped her to conceive. Now you are saving our baby.”

Yun Luofeng gave a bitter smile, “I could accept your thanks last time, but not this time. The Empress suffered all of this because of our Ye Family. Uncle Jian died from saving my father, and the Empress risked a miscarriage because of his death. So it’s actually our Ye Family’s fault.”

“Miss Yun, are you going to take revenge on them?” asked the Emperor, with a solemn look.

Yun Luofeng nodded, “I’ll be back in half a month.”

“Good!” The Emperor gnashed his teeth, “Those b*stards killed General Jian, my Empress’s brother. I will never forgive them. Miss Yun, since you are going to get revenge, you may need more soldiers. I’ll give you the commander’s tally, and you can mobilize the army of our country as you need!”

“No,” Yun Luofeng shook her head, “I’ll be able to wipe out the Tianhui Empire by myself. If I take soldiers with me, it might cause unnecessary casualties. I won’t allow that to happen.”

She always cherished life, not only her own life but also other’s lives. So she never risked the lives of the members of the Steel Corps and the Raging Flame Corps. For example, in Endless City, she chose to explore the underground alone, leaving the Corps members behind. That was because she would always avoid unnecessary sacrifice.

It was because of this that the people around her willingly followed her.

After writing a prescription for the Empress, Yun Luofeng left the Imperial Palace…

“Empress,” the Emperor tightly hugged the Empress and comforted her with a tender voice, “Feng’er has gone to the Tianhui Empire to avenge us. Soon we can see how remorseful the Tianhui Emperor will be. Please take care of yourself and our baby.”

The Empress buried her head on the Emperor’s chest. She still felt a gut-wrenching pain every time she thought of her brother’s death.

Compared with the Tianyun Kingdom enveloped with an atmosphere of grief, the Tianhui Empire was filled with joy and jubilance.

In the luxurious Imperial Palace, the Emperor was holding a banquet. People were singing and dancing to celebrate their good times.

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