Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1162 - Yun Luofeng Came Back (2)

Chapter 1162: Yun Luofeng Came Back (2)

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The Empress clapped her hands and gnashed her teeth, “Madam Ye, please tell Feng’er to give the emperor of the Tianhui Empire to me. I’m going to drink his blood, eat his flesh, and console my brother’s soul with his flesh and bones!”

“Young Master Ye, go back with your wife,” the Emperor said with a wry smile, “I heard that Madam Ye had just returned from the war after giving birth to children. It’s not good for your health. Take her back to have a good rest. I and the Empress won’t blame you for General Jian’s death.”

Those who should go to hell were the b*stards of the Tianhui Empire!

And they only hated those b*stards!

“Let’s go.”

Ye Jingchen supported Jun Fengling with his hands and said to her tenderly, “I will take you home to have a rest. Let’s decide how to take our revenge when Feng’er comes back.”

Jun Fengling nodded and looked at the Empress again who was nestled in the arms of the Emperor. A guilty gleam flickered across in her eyes and she walked out of the palace.

The Imperial Palace, in the back garden.

Keeping silent, Jun Fengling was immersed in grief. Obviously, she hadn’t recovered from the blow.

Ye Jingchen quietly accompanied her, without saying a word.

“Brother Ye,” Jun Fengling suddenly stopped, “let’s leave the Ye Family in a few months.”


“Yes, if we keep staying in the Ye Family, it’s impossible to improve our strength. Only by going out to experience hardship as before can we grow stronger.” Jun Fengling turned to Ye Jingchen. “I don’t want to the things today to happen again, nor do I want to see any person around me killed or injured! I can’t bear experiencing this pain again!”

These days, Jian Chengwen had often visited the Ye Family and had established a good relationship with Ye Jingchen and his wife.

Her heart ached at the thought of her old friend’s death.

“Okay, let’s leave in a few months, and we can ask our family to take care of our kids.”

They really didn’t want to leave their new-born babies. But they had no choice! Only when they became strong could they protect the people around them. Though Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were strong enough, they couldn’t stay in the Ye Family forever. If the things today happened again when they were away, how could they deal with it? So they had no choice but to leave their new-born babies behind and go out to improve their strength!

Ye Jingchen tightly held Jun Fengling’s hand, “Jun’er, I know you don’t want to leave the children. But don’t worry. They’ll understand you.”

Jun Fengling nodded feebly. Though she didn’t want to leave her babies, she had to!

“Brother Ye, I’m tired. Let’s go back and take a rest.”

Saying this, Jun Fengling walked out of the Imperial Palace.

Since the Ye Family had hired wet nurses, Jun Fengling didn’t need to breastfeed her babies. Therefore, when she returned to the Ye Family, she went straight to her room to have a rest after taking a look at the babies.

She didn’t even close her eyes during the day and night when she gave birth to the babies. As soon as the babies were born, without any rest, she went to the city gate to help Ye Jingchen. And then she was grieved for Jian Chengwen’s death, so she was really exhausted now and she fell asleep as soon as she went to bed.

She slept for three days and three nights…

During this time, in Endless City, Yun Luofeng had received the letter from the Ye Family. She clutched the letter in her hand, her face somber and fearful.

Sitting opposite to Yun Luofeng, Qingshuang was stunned by her dreadful look and asked with concern, “Miss Yun, what happened?”

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