Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1159 - Childbirth (5)

Chapter 1159: Childbirth (5)

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Before Yun Luofeng left, she was afraid that Jun Fengling would encounter risks in childbirth, so she left behind some medicinal herbs in case any danger occurred.

“Foster Mother, since you have the medicine, why didn’t you take it before?” Ye Qi asked sullenly, “You almost scared me to death.”

Jun Fengling smiled feebly. “I felt I still had some strength and didn’t need the medicine. If I really lost all my strength, I would certainly take it. I wouldn’t put my children in danger!”

Of course, if the Tianhui Empire had not suddenly attacked the Tianyun Kingdom, she would have taken the medicine. It was because she wanted to help Ye Jingchen that she planned to take it after childbirth…

“Okay, let me get it.”

Ye Qi knew how deeply Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen loved each other. How could Foster Mother just sit and wait here when Foster Father was facing the dangers alone? She was never a woman hiding behind a man. Even though she just gave birth to two children, she would still go to the battlefield and fight with her man.

Ye Qi quickly brought a slice of blood ginseng and Jun Fengling put it into her mouth. Soon she felt she was gradually regaining strength.

“Qiqi, Miss Ning, please take care of my babies for me.”

With these words, Jun Fengling rushed out quickly like a gust of wind…

The ground in front of the city gate had been dyed red with blood, and gradually turned black as time went by.

However, soon the blackened bloodstain was covered by new blood, looking dreadful.

Ye Jingchen was fighting with the enemy, panting. He felt that his spiritual energy and strength were gradually drained. If he continued to fight, his spiritual energy would be drained soon, and then he would be like lamb to the slaughter.


Seeing that Ye Jingchen was running out of power, the general sneered. Seizing the chance, he suddenly punched Ye Jingchen and slammed his body out.

His spiritual energy invaded Ye Jingchen’s body and bumped around his insides. Ye Jingchen turned pale and blood spurted out from his mouth.

The general gave a sneer, waved his hand and said cruelly, “Shoot arrows. Kill Ye Jingchen first.”

The archers held up their arrows and pointed them at the body of Ye Jingchen. Numerous arrows shot at once. If it were the past, these arrows would have been no problem for Ye Jingchen and he could have easily dodged them.

But now…

Running out of spiritual energy, he could no longer cope with the enemies in front of him. Ye Jingchen raised his head and unflinchingly stared at these arrows flying toward him, but at that moment, an anxious voice rang behind him.

“No! Brother Ye, dodge them, run!”

He shuddered and turned his head only to see Jun Fengling rushing towards him…

Her eyes were so desperate, and tears were running down from her beautiful face. Her face was so pale that it looked almost transparent, and she stared at him sadly.

Ye Jingchen reached out his hand to touch her face, but she was still a distance away, so he could only touch the air in front of him.

The other people of the Ye Family also stopped fighting. Seeing the arrows shooting at Ye Jingchen, they dashed toward him as fast as they could.


Time froze at this moment…

Jun Fengling who was running madly also stopped, her hands covering her mouth, tears running down from her face.

The sword slipped down from Yun Qingya’s hand. His elegant and handsome face was filled with sadness. He looked so shocked and grieved as if he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him.


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