Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1158 - Childbirth (4)

Chapter 1158: Childbirth (4)

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From morning to dusk, the soldiers of the Tianyun Kingdom fell to the ground one after another, and only Jian Chengwen’s soldiers and the Ye Family people were still fighting.

This battle lasted for a day and a night, and their enemies seemed to be tireless, killing without taking any rest.

The Ye Family.

Inside the room, Jun Fengling’s gut-wrenching scream rang. Her voice sounded so painful that everyone’s heart would flutter when they heard it. It had been a day and a night. The water had broken, but the baby didn’t come out. Now even the midwife was anxious.

“No, if it goes on like this… Young Mistress will not be able to last long,” the midwife said anxiously, standing up. “We have to find a physician, or else she will die.”

“I’ll go to the Imperial Palace to find a physician because all the physicians in the city have already fled for their lives.” Ning Xin stood up and turned to walk out.

Although all physicians in the Imperial Palace were male, it didn’t matter that much right now. Nothing was more important than Jun Fengling’s life.

Jun Fengling clenched the quilt. It never occurred to her that she would die in childbirth instead of dying on the battlefield!


She was not reconciled!

Brother Ye was still fighting. How could she die here?

“My child, you’ve been torturing your mother for a day and a night. If it’s normal time, you can do whatever you want, but now, your father is still in a fight with his enemies and I must go to help him. Please come out. If anything bad happened to your father, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life.”

A line of tears flowed down from the corner of Jun Fengling’s eyes. Whenever she thought that Ye Jingchen was facing dangers alone, her heart was filled with pain.

Perhaps the baby understood her words. Soon, she felt a bit relieved. The little head of the child left her body and was exposed outside…

The midwife was quite happy to see this and hastened to help Jun Fengling. “Young Mistress, the child’s head has come out. If you try harder, he will be born soon. Come on!”

Relieved to hear that, Jun Fengling suddenly regained her strength and tried her best to push the child out of her body.


A cry resounded in the room.

“It’s a boy, Young Mistress, it’s a boy! There is still another baby in your tummy. Don’t give up! She’s going to come out.”

After the first child was born, it would be easier to give birth to the second one.

When the second child was also pushed out of her body, Jun Fengling relaxed and suddenly lost all her strength. She lay on the bed, gasping for breath, and the sheet under her had already been soaked with sweat.

“Young Mistress, congratulations! You gave birth to a boy and a girl, but the little miss didn’t cry at all. What a cute little girl.”

Jun Fengling opened her eyes and looked wearily at the two children held by the midwife. One child was crying and struggling, while the other was sleeping quietly. If she couldn’t feel the breath under her nose, she might have thought this little girl was dead…

“Qiqi,” Jun Fengling tried to lift herself up and said wearily, “fetch the medicine Feng’er left me.”

“Foster Mother…” Ye Qi shuddered, “you just gave birth to the babies, and you can’t go to Foster Father now.”

“I’m alright,” Jun Fengling shook her head, “Feng’er left me some medicine that can help me regain my strength. Bring it here, and I can go help your Foster Father after I take it.”


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