Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1157 - Childbirth (3)

Chapter 1157: Childbirth (3)

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It was so painful that Jun Fengling had no energy to speak. With sweat running down from her forehead, she tightly grabbed Ye Qi’s hand, and blood oozed from her biting her lips. She wanted nothing but the chance to fight together with Ye Jingchen after the birth of their child.

Outside the city.

Led by a middle-aged general, a group of soldiers stood there, shouting and cursing.

The gate slowly opened…

An armored Jian Chengwen took the lead to walk out. With a steel sword in his hand, he was followed by a group of soldiers. Then Ye Jingchen and other masters arrived and guarded in front of the gate.

“Jian Chengwen, this time I came to the Tianyun Kingdom not for your imperial family, but for the Ye family. Get out of my way as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll spare your life!” The general sneered, “Otherwise, don’t blame me for exterminating your imperial family!”

Jian Chengwen looked solemn. “The Ye Family is a part of our Tianyun Kingdom, so I’m obliged to protect them. Besides, did you forget the rule?”

“The rule?” The general laughed, “What rule? Why don’t I know about it? All I know is that even the Wushuang Empire and the Liuyue Empire will soon become our affiliated countries, let alone your tiny little Tianyun Kingdom!”

Jian Chengwen’s face greatly changed, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, this continent will soon become ours, hahaha!” The general guffawed again, “My soldiers, exterminate the Ye Family, leaving no one alive! Oh, I forgot. It seems that Yun Luofeng’s family is also in the Ye Family. Let’s torture them to death!”

“I’d like to see whether you can do it or not.”

Ye Jingchen stepped forward, jeering.

“Kill!” The general waved and ordered coldly.

Hearing his order, the soldiers behind them rushed into the battlefield like a group of lunatics. The dreadful yells of killing and fighting resounded throughout the sky.

Ye Jingchen rushed into the crowd and thrust his sword into a soldier’s chest.

However, the soldier remained expressionless, as if he didn’t feel the pain, and then he punched Ye Jingchen hard.

A surprised look appeared on Ye Jingchen’s face and he dodged the attack. In the next minute, the blood hole in the soldier’s chest gradually healed.

Yes! The place where Ye Jingchen stabbed just now was healing at the fastest speed.

“What’s going on here?” Dumfounded, Ye Jingchen retreated into the Ye Family crowd, his face serious.

Jian Chengwen frowned, “These soldiers are strange. They are like puppets that are unaware of pain. The only thing they know is to charge forward and kill! And they are also capable of self-healing! What on earth happened to the Tianhui Empire?”

Ye Jingchen’s eyes darkened. He had thought he could finish the battle soon because she didn’t see any strong master among the soldiers. He never imagined these soldiers were invulnerable and imperishable!

“Watch out!”

Seeing a soldier attacking the pondering Ye Jingchen, Jian Chengwen shouted to alarm him who hurriedly raised his sword to ward off the attack.

How could he fall into a trance on the battlefield?! If it weren’t for Jian Chengwen, he would have been seriously injured. Jun’er was still waiting for him at home, so he must solve these people as quickly as possible!

At the moment, all the streets of the Tianhui Empire were empty. As warned by the imperial family, the citizens all shut the doors and hid at home, so no one was on the streets, and only the sounds of fighting and killing could be heard.


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