Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1156 - Childbirth (2)

Chapter 1156: Childbirth (2)

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At such a time, how could she let him face the dangers alone?


Ye Jingchen lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead, his voice so tender, “Take good care of our child and I’ll be back soon.”


Jun Fengling’s body shook, and she stroked her belly with her palm, her face pale. Yes, if she died on the battlefield with Brother Ye, they could still be a couple in the underworld. However, what about their child? How could he lose his life without even seeing the world?

“Brother Ye… I’ll wait for you!”

Jun Fengling’s lips were stretched white and her voice was trembling, “You must come back. Our child can’t live without a dad, and I… can’t go on without you!”

“I promise you I’ll come back.”

Ye Jingchen took a final look at Jun Fengling, turned around and walked out of the Ye Family.

Looking at his receding figure, Jun Fengling couldn’t stand it anymore. She covered her face with her hand and tears were flowing through her fingers. All of a sudden, she felt a burst of pain in her abdomen. She bent down in pain, her beautiful face ghastly pale.

“Young Mistress!”

Seeing her action, the maids rushed up to support her body and called her anxiously.

“Come on, take me to my room, I’m going to give birth.”

Jun Fengling clutched the corner of her clothes, and her forehead covered with a cold sweat.  Did God let my baby be born early because He knew Brother Ye was going to the battlefield?

“What happened?

Hearing the noise here, the other people of the Ye Family hurried out. When they saw Jun Fengling who was supported by the maids, their face changed with fear.

“The Tianhui Empire’s army is attacking us and Young master went to fight against them outside the city. Jarred by this, Young Mistress is going to give birth early,” a maid hurriedly explained.

“What?” Ye Tian flew into a rage. “How dare the Tianhui Empire attack our Tianyun Kingdom? Guards, go with me and fight with these b*stards! Master Yun, please take care of my daughter-in-law for me.”

Before leaving, Ye Tian didn’t forget to ask Yun Luo to take care of Jun Fengling.

Yun Luo nodded, “Jun’er is my granddaughter’s future mother-in-law. I will certainly take care of her. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Ye Tian made an obeisance and hurriedly left, followed by the strong masters of the Ye Family.

“Xin’er,” Yun Qingya frowned, and a determined look appeared on his cool, handsome face, “I’m going to help them. Please take care of the young mistress.”

Ning Xin paused, “Brother Yun, I want to go with you.”

“No,” Yun Qingya shook his head, “If you go with me, except for the maids, Ye Qi will be the only woman here. I’m afraid she can’t take care of the young mistress alone, so I hope you can stay here to help her.”

More importantly, he didn’t want Ning Xin to face such a danger.

Upon hearing this, Ning Xin nodded, “Okay, Brother Yun, I’ll stay here. Please come back soon. I’ll take care of the Young Mistress.”

Taking a final look at Ning Xin, Yun Qingya left and disappeared from Ning Xin’s eyes.

She tried to calm down and said, “Young Mistress is going to give birth, so we need to bring a midwife here. Ye Qi, please stay with Young Mistress and I’ll go find a midwife.”

Ye Qi hurriedly nodded. She looked anxiously at Jun Fengling and gently held her hand.

“Foster Mother, don’t worry. Foster Father will be fine. After you give birth to your baby, he’ll be back.”


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