Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1152 - Ji Jiutian's Identity (4)

Chapter 1152: Ji Jiutian’s Identity (4)

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Within the Ji Family, their lord’s position was the most important, and the Family Head’s protection towards their lord was superior to anyone’s! If he heard someone insulting the lord of the Ji Family like that, he would certainly fly into a rage.

Thinking to this point, Lin You smugly smiled, and his dark eyes glanced toward Ji Jiutian behind him. He missed the sight of the cold sweat on Ji Lan’s forehead increasing, and even his clothes were soaked by his sweat.

Ji Lan subconsciously wiped away to sweat on his head and swiftly walked toward Ji Jiutian.

“You punk, who told you to insult our Ji Family? You will die for certain this time!” Seeing Lin You quickly walking over, Lin You thought his family head will take action against Ji Jiutian, the smugness on his face increased. However, Ji Lan’s next words stupefied Lin You on the spot…

“Ancestor, why are you here?”


Within the Ji Family, only one person could be called “ancestor” by the Family Head…


Lin You’s complexion abruptly whitened, and he staggered back a few steps, his body turning shaky. “Impossible!”

How could this man be their lord? The most enigmatic character in the Ji Family?

“This Physicians Competition has truly allowed this lord to watch a great show.” Ji Jiutian seductively smiled, eeriness leaking through his smile, and his voice rung, “A certain person took advantage of his status as the host and judged a physician who answered the questions correctly to have failed, and then framed them in the end. Even the annual opera would not be as entertaining as today’s show.”

“Ancestor, please pardon me. I will resolve this matter.” Ji Lan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead again. No matter what, he never would have imagined his family’s ancestor would appear here.

“No need.” Ji Jiutian sent him a chilly glance. “This lord had Lin You host this competition because this lord wanted to send him into Yun Luofeng’s hands to allow her to do with him as she wanted, but you just had to come and disturb things.”

Sweat poured down Ji Lan once more. He could hear that Ancestor was certainly angry this time. “Ancestor, please hand Lin You over to me. I absolutely won’t disappoint my lord.”

At a time like this, he could only atone for his crime with merit and do it to an extent that Ancestor would be satisfied.

“This lord will believe you for the time being.” Ji Jiutian slightly narrowed his eyes, a dangerous glint flickering through his eyes. “If this lord is the slightest bit unsatisfied, it’s about time for the Family Head of the Ji Family to change hands.”

“Yes, my lord.” Ji Lan’s face turned pale, and he turned to Lin You, rage apparent in his eyes. “What a great Lin You! You did something wrong, but you dared to frame someone else. According to the family rules of the Ji Family, you can’t redeem yourself even with a thousand deaths!”


Lin You suddenly kneeled on the ground, loudly kowtowing due to his fright.

“Family Head, spare my life! I know I was wrong, I won’t do it again in the future.”

Ji Lan waved his hand and coldly ordered, “Come and seize him! Bring him back to be punished according to the family rules!”

“Yes, Family Head.”

Instantly, two experts came out from behind and grasped Lin You’s body, dragging him away.

Everyone from the main hall could hear Lin You’s painful and anguished wails. Peace did not return until his voice disappeared in the distance. No one dared to say a word out of fear, their dumbfounded sight landing on Ji Jiutian, especially the gazes of the unmarried girls. They wished nothing more than to pounce on him like hungry wolves descended on food, eating Ji Jiutian clean.

This man not only had kingdom-ruining beauty but also had such a noble status. If they could become his concubine, they would enjoy immense position and endless great wealth for the rest of their life.

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