Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1151 - Ji Jiutian's Identity (3)

Chapter 1151: Ji Jiutian’s Identity (3)

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The girl who spoke could not help but glance at Ji Jiutian, smitten with a hint of shyness on her face.

If Ji Jiutian did not exist, Ji Lan’s beauty would shock the world. However, precisely because Ji Jiutian was here, he could not compare.

It was like an orchid blooming beside an alluring rose, the orchid was destined to be eclipsed.

“Family Head, you must get justice for me.”

As soon as Lin You saw Ji Lan, he rushed up and wept, “This time, I was respectfully obeying my lord’s order to come here to host this Physicians Competition, but I didn’t expect Yun Luofeng would steal my answers and answer 20 problems in less than 30 minutes. I realized the error and wanted to disqualify Yun Luofeng from the competition, but I didn’t expect her to actually force me to hand over the Soul Fruit.”

His words were very aggrieved, as though he had received the biggest bullying in the world. “I didn’t obey, so she beat me up to this severity.”


In the Ji Family, the family head did not have the highest authority. There was only one person who could be referred to as ‘lord’. However, that person was more mysterious than Ji Lan, and very few people have seen him. It was this mysterious person who was at the top of the Ji Family!

“I wonder if the Ji Family would be ashamed of this complete reversal of the truth?” Princess Qingshuang aloofly stated with a cold glance toward Lin You.

The Ji Family was the most enigmatic clan in the Land of No Return. Even the three great empires must give deference to the Family Head of the Ji Family.

However, for Yun Luofeng, Princess Qingshuang sided with her without a second thought, having no qualms about being enemies with the Ji Family.

“Humph!” Lin You snorted and fiercely glared at Princess Qingshuang. “You are Yun Luofeng’s accomplice, of course you would speak for her. If she did not steal the answers, how could she have answered so many questions in such a short amount of time?”

Princess Qingshuang coolly smiled. “That proves her talent is outstanding! I judged her correctly.”

Among all the physicians present, only Princess Qingshuang spoke up for Yun Luofeng. Everyone else looked at each other, afraid that they would offend the Ji Family if they said anything. After all, there was no way that the Ji Family would rebuke Lin You for an outsider, so why should they attract this enmity?

“Family Head!” Lin You turned to Ji Lan and complained tearfully, “I beg Family Head to seek justice for this subordinate! Yun Luofeng is treading on our pride!”

Ji Lan frowned. If a cheating event happened on the Ji Family territory and the news of it traveled to the public, how could the Ji Family keep its reputation?

However, he also could not believe only Lin You’s words, so he turned his sight to Yun Luofeng and asked, “Is this true?”

Yun Luofeng smiled, her dark eyes staring at Ji Lan. “What do you think?”

Ji Lan’s brows knitted, and he was about to say something when an alluring voice leisurely drifted to him, shaking his spirit.

“This lord has watched quite a nice show today and also learned what making bogus accusations against the victim was!” The man lazily leaned back with a beautiful smile. The night breeze blew in from outside the hall, sending his clothes fluttering and revealing his tempting, white skin.

His voice was indifferent, but it successfully attracted everyone’s gaze.

Ji Lan was startled and saw Ji Jiutian revealed behind the crowd. Cold sweat unwittingly dripped from his forehead.

“Punk, try saying that again?” Lin You was incredibly furious and mercilessly glared at Ji Jiutian before looking at Ji Lan. “Family Head, this punk has an unclear relationship with Yun Luofeng, so his words can’t be trusted! Moreover, he also insulted Ji Family just now and proclaimed he would eradicate the Ji Family! Most importantly, he said everyone from the Ji Family was no good, including our lord.”

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