Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1150 - Ji Jiutian's Identity (2)

Chapter 1150: Ji Jiutian’s Identity (2)

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Her spirited features were bold and confident as she domineeringly said that.

She would eat anything in my life, except losses!

Ji Jiutian had his head tilted slightly, looking imposing and unruly. This caused the gazes of the girls around him to linger on his exceptional face now and then. Ji Jiutian appeared to not detect anything, and his phoenix shape eyes continued to stare at Yun Luofeng. The interest in them intensified, and the smile on his lips turned bigger too.

“Yun Luofeng, I’m part of the Ji Family!” Lin You mentioned Ji Family again, wanting to remind Yun Luofeng that if he died in her hands, the Ji Family certainly would not let her off easily.

However, Yun Luofeng continued to slowly press closer to Lin You. The abyss in her eyes was completely placid, and an icily evil smile was donned on her face.

At that moment, Lin You felt like Yun Luofeng was a grim reaper who climbed out of Hell, able to collect his life whenever.

“Do you still remember your earlier words? If I can prove all of my answers were correct, you would kowtow and admit your mistake.”

Lin You exclaimed between clenched teeth, “Preposterous!”


He just got up when Yun Luofeng’s leg curved and kicked the back of Lin You’s knee. Caught off guard, Lin You kneeled in front of Yun Luofeng with a bang, and sweat dripped down due to his pain.

“Since you knelt down, I can spare your life…” Yun Luofeng slightly raised her chin and haughtily said, “However, to prevent you from seeking any further trouble from me, I will cripple your strength.”

Lin You looked up at the beaming girl, dumbstruck, an icy feeling burrowing into his heart.

No! He cried out in his heart and darted out of the hall.

Currently, immense regret festered in his heart. Why didn’t he bring any strong cultivators here? If he did, he would not end up in Yun Luofeng’s hands.

Perhaps even until he died, Lin You would not realize that Ji Jiutian purposely sent a group of weak guards to him for this fight.

“The Family Head of the Ji Family is here!”

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard from outside the City Lord’s Estate. When he heard this, Lin You’s face changed from its initial panic to surprise. His steps halted, and he madly broke into laughter. “Family Head is here, Yun Luofeng, you will die this time for certain!”

Ji Jiutian’s brows wrinkled as he coldly watched the man stepping inside the City Lord’s Estate, fury boiling in his eyes.

Cold sweat drenched the hidden Tian Luo due to his fright. Why did Family Head come? It’s over! Family Head must have incited his lord this time. If his lord gets angry, he might do away with the family head in a fit of anger!

At this time, outside the courtyard enveloped by the rays of the setting sun, a man wearing a long, cyan robe slowly walked in.

The man had a tall figure with a feminine face, his skin was fair like jade, and his lips were red like blood. If it were not for his Adam’s apple faintly sticking out, perhaps no one would think he was a man!

Compared to Ji Jiutian’s exceptionally seductive looks, this man gave people a gentle feeling of beauty.

Leading a group of people, he majestically entered the main hall.

Of course, his person was like his name, the Family Head of the Ji Family was named Ji Lan. Pure and noble like an orchid 1 , resembling a woman.

“Family Head of the Ji Family? Heavens! He’s the Family Head of the Ji Family? He is quite beautiful, but I prefer a seductively beautiful man. If that man is the most beautiful man in the world, then the Family Head of the Ji Family would certainly be second most.”

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