Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1149 - Ji Jiutian's Identity (1)

Chapter 1149: Ji Jiutian’s Identity (1)

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Killing intent rushed out of the girl and surrounded Lin You. He could clearly feel that Yun Luofeng was ready to kill.

This girl did not care about the Ji Family at all! More than that, his own life was nothing in her eyes. Under force, Lin You could only spitefully remove the restriction on the space ring, and his resentful gaze unwaveringly lingered on Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng waved her hand and a scroll appeared in her palm. She handed the scroll to Qingshuang and said with raised brows, “I will trouble you to help me check the answers.”

Witnessing Yun Luofeng pull the scroll from Lin You’s ring and hearing her words, Qingshuang was taken aback before understanding flickered through her eyes. She quickly stepped to the front of the wall and laid the scroll open.

As she compared the answers that Yun Luofeng wrote, her shock increased, and her face became more livid. “The twenty answers are… all correct!”

The correct rate was 100%! No wonder Qingshuang looked so livid.

Lin You cheated too far. Yun Luofeng clearly answered them completely correct, more detailed than the scroll even, but he actually judged her error rate to be 90%!

How could Qingshuang, who had always detested evils, tolerate this?

Following the recent shock, the crowd was profoundly stunned again.

“She answered all 20 questions correct? Why did Lin You judge that she had 18 incorrect?

“He’s clearly using his official position to avenge personal grievances! The Ji Family’s competition would actually be so unfair!”

Instantly, everyone’s gaze gathered onto Lin You. No one would have anticipated that Lin You would cheat at a time like that!

“Hoho!” Lin You snorted and slowly stood up. He flicked the dust from his clothes, and mockery danced through his features. “Yun Luofeng, so what if you answered the questions? I am in charge of the Soul Fruit. If I don’t give it to you, then you will never obtain it!”

He did not attach importance to Yun Luofeng at all. With Ji Family’s protection, why should he be cautious about a tiny Physician Tower?


Yun Luofeng raised her leg again and fiercely aimed it at Lin You’s chest. She put a lot of force behind her kick, and everyone could hear the sound of cracking bones as the figure flew back and landed on the ground in a heap.

He puked out mouthful after mouthful of blood and intently glared at Yun Luofeng with murderous eyes.

Quiet… the whole hall was absolutely silent. Everyone gazed steadily at Yun Luofeng, stunned awe bursting from their gazes.

Although Lin You cheated, he was at least from the Ji Family, but Yun Luofeng actually had the nerve to beat him up?

An Lan shook his head and commented with a helpless smile, “She was the same back at the Inter-kingdom Tournament and never allowed herself to eat a loss! Anyone who made her eat a loss, she would seek it back a thousandfold.”

Qingshuang did not speak and silently watched Yun Luofeng. A faint light sparkled from the bottom of her eyes as her lips turned up imperceptibly. Perhaps she truly did not misjudge her…

This girl was very special.

“Yun Luofeng! You won’t end well!” Lin You harshly uttered, fuming with rage between gritted teeth. “You certainly won’t have a good end in the future!”

“I’m afraid you won’t know whether I will end well or not.” Yun Luofeng stepped on his chest and looked down with a smile. “Lin You, I gave you a chance. But you just had to be enemies with me! I, Yun Luofeng, will eat anything in my life, except losses!”

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