Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1147 - Physicians Competition (5)

Chapter 1147: Physicians Competition (5)

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Thankfully, the Ji Family had him host the competition alone, and there were no other elders present. As long as he judged Yun Luofeng’s answers as wrong, who would dare to say they were correct?!

“Cough, cough.” Lin You dryly coughed, clearing his throat, and stated with a dark expression, “Time is up. Everyone, put down your pen. I will check your answers now.”

He had his hands behind his back and put on an act of walking forward and looking over the problems on the paper.

“Princess Qingshuang, answered a total of five questions with a 100% correct rate.”

“His Highness An Lan, answered a total of five question but wrote one incorrectly! His correct rate is 80%!”

“Lin Qi answered a total of three questions…”

Lin You skimmed over everyone’s question and obtained an answer in succession. Towards the end, he had called out the results of everyone who answered the questions, except for Yun Luofeng, whose name had never left his mouth.

Yun Luofeng was not impatient at all, and her face remained placid with a wicked glint in her smiling eyes. She lazily leaned against a nearby pillar and watched the dark-faced Lin You with a smile.

Perhaps sensing her gaze, Lin You subconsciously glanced at her and said with a cold smile, “Yun Luofeng, answered 20 questions!”

20 questions, it already surpassed the sum of the other people’s amount. Instantly, everyone looked up and directed their gaze at Yun Luofeng.

Compared to the result of the competition, they were more interested in knowing the correct rate of Yun Luofeng…

Under everyone’s anxious waiting, Lin You continued slowly saying, “The error rate is 90%.”


Commotion stirred the crowd. In an instant, everyone’s gazes went from its initial curiosity to shock, as though not believing Lin You’s words.

The error rate was 90%? Is he sure that was the error rate and not the correct rate?

In other words, within the 20 problems that she answered, she answered 18 wrong?

“I knew this woman was merely an embroidered pillow without a single use!” A girl snorted and glanced with Yun Luofeng with mockery. “What use was it that she answered so many problems when most of them were wrong?”

The girl’s voice was brimming with jealousy, evidently still angry about Ji Jiutian’s earlier familiarity with Yun Luofeng. Hence, her words were completely devoid of cordiality.

“Yun Luofeng, I didn’t expect your medical skills to be garbage to this degree.” Lin You slightly tipped his head up and derisively commented, “You clearly don’t know anything but still pretend to be profoundly knowledgeable and did not bother stopping to think before writing down so many answers. If you aren’t fooling me, what is it? I advise you to return to the womb to be remolded so that you will stop humiliating yourself.”

No one would doubt Lin You’s words at a time like this. After all, in their minds, Lin You did not have to guts to cheat in public. Moreover, they all say the speed that Yun Luofeng answered the questions just now. If it were not made up, how could she be so quick?

Ji Jiutian slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at the white-robed girl with a smile on his lips. He did not think to extract her from trouble, he instead wanted to know how she will prove herself.

A smile spread over Yun Luofeng’s lips as she looked at Lin You. “You are certain I answered 18 questions wrong?”

“That’s right.” Lin You raised his head and puffed out his chest. “I possess a copy of the correct answers. I compared it and generated this conclusion.”

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