Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1146 - Physicians Competition (4)

Chapter 1146: Physicians Competition (4)

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Lin You briefly paused before continuing, “Of course, to prevent some people from randomly answering, our Ji Family will inspect everyone’s answers at the end! If you answered wrong for more than two problems, it will be judged as a failure. I hope everyone will answer with discretion.”

As he said this, a smile entered Lin You’s face.

These problems were all extremely difficult, so not many people could answer them, and they also could not answer them wrong. If they answered more than two wrong, it would be determined as a fail.

Hence, who cares how talented Yun Luofeng was at medicine? As long as he determined her to have failed, then the Soul Fruit was not fated to be hers.


Thinking about this, Lin You madly laughed inside his mind, and the viciousness in his eyes strengthened.

Yun Luofeng, this is your price for kicking me out of the Physician Tower that day. If you knelt down and apologized yesterday, perhaps I would have forgiven you. But you just had to be so arrogant! Hence, don’t blame me for being merciless!

As soon as Lin You said this, all the physicians walked to the white wall without wasting a single second.

Currently, the wall was already posted with problems. After seeing them, everyone grew silent, deep in contemplation.

“Miss Yun.” Qingshuang glanced at Yun Luofeng with a large smile. “I am eagerly looking forward to your performance.”

This time, if it were not for the chance to meet Yun Luofeng, she would not rush here from the Liuyue Empire. At the same time, she also believed that Yun Luofeng absolutely would not disappoint her.

Seeing that everyone had already reached the wall, Yun Luofeng also slowly walked over. She casually grabbed a pen and wrote down the answer to a problem on the paper. Her pen smoothly flew over the paper and quickly answered one, then she walked to another problem.

The silent main hall became quieter. The people pondering over the problem all turned their gaze toward Yun Luofeng with astonishment in their eyes.

“What is the origin of this girl? How come she can answer without thinking?”

“I think I have heard of her. She is the Tower Master of the Physician Tower. Rumors say that her Physician Tower had a lot of texts that have never existed on this continent. Hence, it’s not odd that she can answer these questions.”

Everyone whispered among themselves.

It was not long before someone recovered their wits and hastily said, “Let’s hurry, there’s not much time left. If we try our luck, perhaps we can answer one or two questions.”

If they wasted any more time, Yun Luofeng would answer all of the problems…

The rules of the competition were that regardless of whether the person’s answer was right or wrong, as long as they wrote it down, other people could no longer answer it.

Hence, without wasting any second, these people soon started fought over each other, using a pen to write down their answer on the papers.

Minutes and seconds passed, and eventually, dusk fell, the rays of the sunset covering the sky.

Eventually, all the problems had an answer. Lin You gently stroked his chin as he absentmindedly looked over the answers. The more he looked, the more unsightly he turned.

All of the questions that Yun Luofeng answered had straight penmanship and detailed procedures, not a single problem could be found. Even a single incorrectly written character did not exist.

However, the answers to these questions were only obtained after the discussion and careful deliberation of the countless elders of Ji Family. Yun Luofeng though, she managed to write these answers down like flowing water without even thinking. Just how much knowledge was contained in her head in order for her to be so well-versed?

No! This won’t do! He absolutely could not allow Yun Luofeng to win!

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