Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1145 - Physicians Competition (3)

Chapter 1145: Physicians Competition (3)

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Ji Jiutian smiled and sat down with a brush of his sleeves under everyone’s eyes, his red, seductive robe gently fluttering with the breeze. He supported his cheeks with his fist, his features giving off an indescribable alluring air.

“This lord will stay here today. This lord would like to see who dares to make me leave.” This man’s voice was unruly and domineering, his cutting eyes sweeping across everyone before landing on Lin You with raised brows. “You’re merely a nobody, but you actually have the guts to be insolent in front of this lord!”

“I’m part of the Ji Family!” Lin You straightened his neck and unyieldingly said, “If you do anything to me, you will become enemies with the Ji Family. Are you truly unafraid of death?”

Ji Family? Ji Jiutian laughed. If he did not want to leave this old man to Yun Luofeng, perhaps he would have already covered the venue with his blood.

“Do you think you can scare me by mentioning the Ji Family?” The man slightly raised his slender hand. At that moment, Lin You felt his breathing halt, as though the man could choke him to death the moment he raised his hand.

“Get lost from hosting the competition!” The movement of the man’s red lips was minute, but his voice was incomparably imposing. More than that, his words revealed his complete lack of consideration for the Ji Family.

Everyone was astonished, trying to guess what identity he possibly could have to be able to say such arrogant words.

Lin You resentfully glanced at Ji Jiutian as he walked to his seat. But before he could be seated, the man’s haughty voice interrupted him.

“Get lost!”

Lin You’s steps paused and he furiously turned to glare at the man. “What else do you want!”

“That is my seat. You have no right to sit in it!” Ji Jiutian’s lips turned up with a bloodthirsty smile. A murderous glint flickered through his dark eyes.

“Don’t go overboard!” Lin You trembled from anger. “This is the territory of my Ji Family!”

The City Lord’s Estate of Spirit City was brought by the Ji Family for today’s Physician Competition. Hence, in Lin You’s mind, the highest seat in the main hall logically belonged to him!

“You don’t deserve it!”

Those four prideful words turned Lin You deathly white. He had only been humiliated twice in his lifetime. The first time was being kicked out of the Physician Tower by Yun Luofeng in front of everyone. The second time was now!

Without waiting for Lin You to shake his anger off, the man already stood up, and his figure instantly arrived at the principal seat like a flash of red light.

He was jolting to the heart as he magnificently sat there with his red clothes. His hand still supported his head, a murderous glint twinkling in his eyes. He slowly spoke under everyone’s stare.

“This lord merely came here for the excitement. You may continue. This lord will only watch and won’t say anything.”

The pressure given off by this man was too intense. Their back could not help but be drenched with sweat, and no one dared to say anything. The main hall was so silent that the sole sound was from people breathing.

Lin You tightly clenched his fists, and unwillingly sat down on a seat below him, viciousness flashing through his icy eyes.

After the competition ends, Family Head will appear. The man’s death will dawn as soon as Family Head appears. He will allow the man to gloat for now…

“Everyone, I welcome you the Medical Conference held by the Ji Family.” Lin You said with an insincere smile, “We created countless problems for the competition this time, and these problems are already posted on the wall. You can begin answering in a moment. The more problems you solve, the higher your possibility of becoming the winner of this competition.”

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