Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1141 - The Unruly and Domineering Ji Jiutian (5)

Chapter 1141: The Unruly and Domineering Ji Jiutian (5)

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Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin. Did she really look like someone who discarded a person after a dalliance? It looked like she did need to arrange her wedding with Yun Xiao soon.

However, what made her helpless was that she had no idea where Yun Xiao currently was…

“Master, you’ve already eaten Yun Xiao clean, you mustn’t become the monster that Grandfather speaks of who forgets someone as soon as she pulls up her pants!”

If Yun Luofeng met another man, he would not be so worried. But the man in front of them was too strong, to the point that he could not assess his strength clearly…

So how could he not be worried for Yun Xiao? What if this man poached Master while Yun Xiao was not by her side? As a loyal supporter of Yun Xiao, he must be ready to remind Master to not be bewitched by the seductive minx.

After all, a good man like Yun Xiao was truly extinct…

Yun Luofeng did not pay attention to Xiao Mo and was pondering how she would arrange their marriage the next time she saw Yun Xiao! This would deter everyone from thinking she’s a monster who forgot about someone as soon as she pulled up her pants…

Recalling Yun Xiao’s cold and perfect face, the corner of Yun Luofeng’s lips could not resist slightly turning up.

It had been several months since she saw him… she truly missed him.

I wonder how Yun Xiao is doing…

On another continent, in an unknown valley, a man appeared to feel the longing from the distance and looked up at the azure sky. His cold face slowly melted, and an imperceptible smile crept onto his lips.

“It has almost been a month. At his speed, Qin Yuan should reach the Land of No Return soon.”

Inside a luxurious estate, a group of finely dressed maidservants rushed out upon seeing Ji Jiutian return. Instantly, they handed him tea and massaged his shoulders in one breath, each servant having a clearly defined task.

Ji Jiutian accepted the tea from a maidservant and took a sip. His brows wrinkled, and he harshly smashed the teacup onto the floor, spitting out the tea in his mouth as well.

“Who boiled the tea today! There are too little tea leaves, it’s not bitter or fragrant enough, the tea preparation process is missing a step. Also, who allowed you to use yesterday’s tea leaves? This lord only drinks fresh tea leaves!”

The maidservants all plopped onto the floor in unison, trembling. “My lord, something came up the master responsible for tea making and he returned home. This one was recently hired, so he made an error. Please forgive us, my lord.”

“Forget it. This lord’s mood is good today, so this lord will spare him.” Ji Jiutian’s brows smoothed. “Butler, send someone to clean the bedroom next to this lord’s room and settle Miss Yun in there.”

Hearing this, the maidservants all wiped the cold sweat from their forehead.

Their lord enjoyed drinking tea, and the first thing he did every day when he returned to the estate was tea tasting. However, their lord was extremely picky, and if he was the slightest bit unsatisfied, it wouldn’t be as simple as a mere punishment.

But why did their lord easily let off that tea brewing master today? Could it be due to the girl that their lord brought back?

The maidservants all glanced at Yun Luofeng out of the corner of their eyes, stunned. They had never seen a woman as beautiful as her. And standing next to their lord, they looked like an ideal couple, matchless in the world!

Yun Luofeng evilly smiled. “Ji Jiutian, you like to drink tea?”

“Tea, alcohol, this lord can’t do without either.” Ji Jiutian uninhibitedly declared.

Yun Luofeng smiled but did not say anything and followed the butler’s lead. Qingyan and the others also hurried to follow and headed for the courtyard.

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