Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1140 - The Unruly and Domineering Ji Jiutian (4)

Chapter 1140: The Unruly and Domineering Ji Jiutian (4)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

“I will accept you as a friend.” Yun Luofeng extended her hand with a wicked smile. Her dark eyes were bright and clear, so bright that it could reflect Ji Jiutian’s figure.

Having one more friend meant having one more way out. Not only that but Ji Jiutian’s strength was not bad and his personality did not repulse her, so why shouldn’t she accept him?

Ji Jiutian grasped Yun Luofeng’s hand, the smile on his face growing. “Yun Luofeng, to say the truth, you don’t seem like a woman.”

Yun Luofeng’s brows shot up. “You also don’t seem like a man.”

Ji Jiutian’s voice caught in his throat, and he helplessly shook his head. Would this woman be dissatisfied until she angered him to death?

Tian Luo looked at Ji Jiutian who was bested, stupefied. His cold expression also instantly cracked. For as long as he had followed his lord, he had never seen his lord be at a disadvantage. But Yun Luofeng had bested him over and over again?

Was this woman… meant to restrain his lord?

Also, anyone else who dared to speak to his lord like this would have disappeared in the world. But Yun Luofeng remained alive…

Tian Luo wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and peered at this illogical scene with disbelief.

“It’s your first time here, so I’m guessing you don’t have a place to stay. If you don’t mind, you can stay at this lord’s estate.”

“No need. I can find an inn.” Yun Luofeng rejected Ji Jiutian’s good intention with a shake of her head.

The corner of Ji Jiutian’s lips turned up. “Recently, the inns don’t have any spare bedrooms. You won’t find a place to stay even you looked for it. Why don’t you make do at my place for a few days.”

It will also allow him to observe the heir of Jueqian from proximity. He wanted to see if this woman had the ability to foster Jueqian’s teachings to a great height!

Yun Luofeng grew silent. It was a while before she helplessly said, “Then I can only disturb you for a few days.”

Seeing the girl’s helpless expression, Ji Jiutian, who had just lost against Yun Luofeng, felt his displeasure dissipate. More than that, he was more high spirited than ever before.

Tian Luo’s sweat flowed profusely. For some reason, he felt like his lord had become a whole another person. If he did not follow his lord all day long, he would suspect that he had been replaced with a counterfeit…

“Miss.” Qingyan cautiously pulled Yun Luofeng and vigilantly glanced at Ji Jiutian. “We just met this man and we’re already following him, isn’t that a bit unsafe?”

A small smile emerged on Yun Luofeng’s face. “Believe me. Nothing will happen.”

It was her first time meeting Ji Jiutian, but she sensed a very familiar feeling from him, even she did not know the origin of this feeling. But she knew that Ji Jiutian would not hurt her. Otherwise, she would not befriend someone she met for the first time.

Qingyan did not say anything else, but Xiao Mo’s nagging voice was heard from her spirit.

“Master, don’t be bewitched by beauty. This man has the looks of a seductive minx, it’s obvious that he isn’t a man of reputable standing. How could he compare to Yun Xiao? A naive man like Yun Xiao became extinct a long time ago. You mustn’t lose the big prize while grabbing trifles.”

Dark lines appeared on Yun Luofeng’s forehead. Did she look like someone who discarded a lover for a dalliance?

Moreover, her heart had already been dominated by Yun Xiao, and no one else could squeeze in.

As though he heard Yun Luofeng, Xiao Mo continued to say, “You have known Yun Xiao for five, six years, but you still haven’t given him a status. Even your first time happened in order to save Yun Xiao. Hence, I can’t help but worry.”

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