Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1136 - The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (6)

Chapter 1136: The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (6)

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“She hasn’t arrived yet.” Tian Luo’s cold voice was filled with respect, and his head remained lowered the whole time, keeping his expression unclear.

The man faintly smiled, revealing his innate seductiveness. “This lord can wait! The competition will be held whenever Yun Luofeng arrives. Also, how’s Lin You’s behavior?”

“Flushed with success.”

These three words encompassed Lin You’s current state.

“Let him continue.” The man imperceptibly smiled. “Lin You strings lie after lie, so he can’t remain! Since he publically humiliated Yun Luofeng before, then he can be the toy I send to her! As for the Soul Fruit… It will be my present for her.”

Tian Luo kept quiet and his head lowered, but his heart started feeling sympathy for Lin You. Lin You only had himself to blame for committing two fatal mistakes.

He first humiliated Yun Luofeng in public, then he shoved all of the responsibility for his error on Yun Luofeng and was full of lies.

His lord hated other people lying the most. This point alone decided that Lin You absolutely could not stay!

“Tian Luo, continue to observe Lin You. Wait until Yun Luofeng comes before further reports.”

“As my lord orders!” Tian Luo cupped his fists. His body was like a breeze and disappeared from his spot in the blink of an eye.

Spirit City was unusually lively. Lin You beamingly received the strong cultivators coming and going. He was truly flushed with success.

How many years? How many years had it been since he had been so proud? If he did not join the Ji Family due to his good luck, he probably would not have this type of treatment.

Yun Luofeng! When you expelled me from the Physician Tower that day, did you think I would be so successful?

Thinking of the mission given to him by the Ji Family this time, his geriatric face wrinkled into a chrysanthemum from how much he was smiling.

In Lin You’s eyes, his lord had him complete this mission because he favored his strength! The Ji Family had so many people, so why would he choose him instead of someone else to organize the competition otherwise?

At this time, Lin You’s eyes caught sight through the crowd of a beautiful figure on the street.

The girl had a lazy smile donned on her lips as her wicked eyes surveyed the passersby. Her snow-white clothes were very eye-catching in the crowd, and added with her unworldly beauty, she could not be overlooked.

“Yun Luofeng!” Lin You shouted between clenched teeth, quickly followed by a guffaw. “I didn’t expect you would also participate in the Physicians Competition this time. However, you are in my hands this time! I absolutely won’t let you off!”

The actions of the Physician Tower in Endless City had not circulated yet, so Lin You did not know the girl had already broken through to sage level. Otherwise, he absolutely would not do something that gave him lifelong regret.

As for why the seductive man from the Ji Family knew this… It was because Endless City had spies from the Ji Family, so Yun Luofeng’s actions could not be hidden from him.

Yun Luofeng appeared to feel someone intently watching her and looked up. Instantly, a pair of eyes filled with rage and hatred clashed into her sight.

“Would this be considered the inevitable clash of enemies?” Yun Luofeng touched the tip of her nose, helplessness creeping into her wicked smile. However, Lin You’s strength was not enough to make her cautious.

Lin You’s eyes were bloodshot. If this gaze fell into someone ignorant, they would think Yun Luofeng was the killer of his father.

Perhaps Yun Luofeng had already forgotten that day’s events, but he could not forget the humiliation of being kicked out of the Physician Tower!

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