Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1135 - The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (5)

Chapter 1135: The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (5)

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The man slightly turned his head, his hair concealing the side of his face but displaying his seductive red lips. “Leave! If you have news of Yun Luofeng, continue to report to me.”

“Yes, my lord.” The servant girl retreated after cupping her fists.

After the servant girl closed the door, the man slowly sat up from the bed, his long and narrow phoenix eyes containing an unreadable smile.

“This lord has heard that Yun Luofeng’s disciple’s spirit was injured and she must consume the Soul Fruit if she wants to fix her spirit!” The man gently stroked his chin with a faint smile. “So… Tian Luo, bring the Soul Fruit here. This lord wants to hold a Physicians Competition! The competition will use the Soul Fruit as a reward. Yun Luofeng will certainly be attracted here.”

He was silent for a moment before continuing, “Also, the competition will be arranged by Lin You this time! This lord had that old fart go to the Physician Tower to be an undercover agent in order to investigate Yun Luofeng’s strength. Who knew he would offend her! Then this lord will send that old thing to Yun Luofeng and allow her to play with him as she pleases!”

Inside the room, a shadow suddenly flashed inside. He cupped his fists toward the half-naked man on the bed before instantly disappearing from the room.

The man watched the direction that the shadow guard disappeared in as he muttered to himself, “Yun Luofeng, the one chosen by Medical God Jueqian. This lord would like to see the true extent of your power…”

If Yun Luofeng could hear the man’s words, she would certainly be immensely surprised.

He actually knew she received Jueqian’s inheritance? What in the world were his… origins?

“Also…” The man paused, an alluring smile appeared on his beautiful face. “If this lord guessed correctly, that disciple of hers should be from here. Who knows whether following her is fortune or misfortune. However, the one chosen by Jueqian won’t be knocked down from this difficulty… This lord believes that she can travel even further!”

It did not take many days before a piece of news appeared on the continent, evoking a commotion.

The Ji Family was the most mysterious faction within the Land of No Return.

People say that the Family Head of the Ji Family was very young and as beautiful as a flower. His appearance might make him look like a woman, but his strength was extraordinary, and he was vicious and merciless! Legends say that the Family Head of the Ji Family already broke through to sage level, and his power could compete with the imperial family.

Currently, the Ji Family was about to hold a Physicians Competition and wanted to use a Soul Fruit as a reward. This competition elicited a shock within a countless number of kingdoms. Every kingdom also sent strong cultivators to it in order to obtain the Soul Fruit!

It was for no reason other than the fact that consuming the Soul Fruit would improve the cultivator’s spirit! It was an exceptional treasure that could only be encountered through serendipity.

However, because Family Head Ji did not like to see outsiders, the Physicians Competition did not take place in Ji City where the Ji Family was located. It was occurring at Spirit City instead! As the organizer of the competition, Lin You was the target of the boot-licking of countless numbers of physicians.

Under this unceasing torrent of reverence, he was so joyful that he did not know which direction was north.

At the same time, inside the Ji Estate, on the large, extravagant bed, a man languidly leaned against the headboard. His vixen eyes glanced at Tian Luo in front of him as he asked, “What is the progress?”

“My lord, the physicians of every kingdom have come to participate in the competition.”

“And Yun Luofeng?” The man slightly narrowed his eyes.

Yun Luofeng was his true goal this time…

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