Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1134 - The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (4)

Chapter 1134: The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (4)

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Light flashed through Yun Luofeng’s eyes as she fell into contemplation. It was a while before she looked up at Mu Chu and asked, “You’ve settled your sister?”

“Yes.” Upon hearing this, gratefulness bled through Mu Chu’s eyes. “I really don’t know how to thank you. If it weren’t for your help, my sister and I would still be under the control of the Wu Family.

“You don’t have to thank me. You just need to use your strength to pay me back.” Yun Luofeng dryly smiled. “I’m different from the Family Head of the Wu Family. I won’t restrict your freedom or dock your pay. I only have one request: You are never allowed to betray the Physician Tower!”

The end of her words was marked by a killing intent flashing through her eyes and the unleashing of a powerful aura, so powerful that it made people unable to breathe.

“If I learn that you have even any intention to betray, you know my methods!”

Mu Chu’s heart jolted. With a determined expression, he stated, “Tower Master, this subordinate won’t betray the Physician Tower in his lifetime!”

“Alright, you can go.” Yun Luofeng waved her hand and leaned back on the chair with fatigue. Her demeanor was lazy, and her eyes were also closed.

“Yes.” Seeing Yun Luofeng’s tired appearance, although Mu Chu wanted to say something more, he ended up cupping his fists and retreating.

The moment he left, Yun Luofeng opened his eyes and massaged the point between her eyebrows. Even her tone contained a trace of exhaustion. “Yun Xiao, I will be able to come and find you very soon…”

She had already broken through to sage level, so she possessed the qualification to head to the other continent.

Now, she merely needed to wait for a time…

At this time, inside a luxurious palace some distance away from Endless City, on a bed with light muslin veil, a man had his head tilted, allowing his hair to flow from the bed onto the ground like a waterfall.

The man only had a red cloak draped over his body, his white skin peeking out now and then.

He was unworldly beautiful. If one had to use a common phrase to describe the man, only ‘seductive minx’ would fit.

“Master.” A servant girl entered through the doors and reverently reported, “News has arrived from Endless City. The Physician Tower has annihilated the three great families.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, the man looked up. His hair slid to the side and stopped covering half of his face, revealing the red dot between his brows.

He was more seductive than a woman. If a man like him pretended to be a woman, no one would suspect his gender.

“Her name is Yun Luofeng?” Intrigue flashed the man’s eyes, and his lips imperceptibly turned up. “How interesting. This girl is very interesting. I haven’t seen a woman this interesting in a long time. Right, how is that Lin You old man?”

The servant girl cupped her fists and said, “Ever since Lin You was kicked out of the Physician Tower by Yun Luofeng, he had been waiting for the opportunity for revenge. Master, should we prevent him?”

Lin You was the old man who humiliated Yun Luofeng at the banquet that day and thought that he would certainly become someone high-ranking in the Physician Tower. However, he had no clue that Yun Luofeng was the Tower Master of the Physician Tower.

This caused him to be thrown out of the Physician Tower by Yun Luofeng and join this faction.

“Don’t mind him. If he was the capability, let him take revenge on his own.” The man slightly narrowed his eyes, seduction oozing from his smile. “However, that woman isn’t someone he’s capable of taking on! Also, I had him go to the Physician Tower to approach Yun Luofeng, but he messed it up and even avoided responsibility! I don’t know whether he’s the stupid one or he thinks I am the stupid one!”

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