Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1133 - The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (3)

Chapter 1133: The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (3)

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Who gave him the nerve to say something like that?

“Mu Chu, you have to remember that the Wu Family does not lack guards. Yet, not only are you not immensely grateful to the Wu Family, but you also speak so shamelessly! Think deeply about the Wu Family’s benevolence toward you!”

Yun Luofeng held her arms across her chest with a wicked smile on her lips. She did not say anything and merely watched how Mu Chu dealt with the Wu Family.

Mu Chu’s eyes slowly filled with disappointment.

It was because he was grateful to the Wu Family for taking them in that he had raised that type of request when he initially submitted to Yun Luofeng. However, the Wu Family did not spare a thought for his protection over the years and instead, thought he had received their favor.

“Back then, to protect my cousin, also your daughter, I nearly died at the hands of a spiritual beast! But I have never held this favor above the Wu Family’s head. I have always adhered to my duty as a guard.”

Facing Mu Chu’s disappointment-filled eyes, Family Head Wu snorted. “That was your own choice to protect her. I didn’t force you. What right do you have to hold it over the Wu Family’s heads?”

Mu Chu shook his head, unable to say anything else.

Perhaps he should have given up the moment the Wu Family had no scruples against feeding poison to his sister in order to force him to go to the Physician Tower to get closer to Yun Luofeng…

“Tut tut, it is true that trees without its bark would die for certain, and people without their shame are unrivaled in the world!” A little girl in fiery red clothes stepped up and stood beside Yun Luofeng. Her young face had a mocking smile, and her bright eyes were brimming with ridicule. “I have lived for many years, but it’s my first time seeing someone so shameless.”

Family Head Wu’s face was filled with embarrassment. He glared at Mu Chu. “What are you doing still standing there? Scram over here now!”

Mu Chu did not move at all and silently stood beside Yun Luofeng, watching Family Head Wu expressionlessly.

Family Head Wu’s face turned more unsightly. He turned to Yun Luofeng and said, “Yun Luofeng, you have heard our conversation just now. That’s right, Mu Chu is part of the Wu Family and a spy sent to the Physician Tower by me. If you keep him by your side, he will turn into a threat for you for sure.”

Since you betrayed the Wu Family, I won’t let you live well either.

A cruel light flashed through his eyes, his malicious eyes glancing at Mu Chu.

Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin, her dark eyes filled with laughter. “I knew this a long time ago.”

“What did you say?” Family Head Wu was incredibly shocked.

He did not believe that Mu Chu would have the guts to reveal his identity! Unless… he did not want to save his younger sister.

“The day that Mu Chu entered the Physician Tower, he already confessed everything, so I knew he was from the Wu Family a long time ago.” A wicked smile spread on Yun Luofeng’s face. “As for why I knew you wanted to make his sister marry a cripple, it was because I sent someone to her side. I already treated the poison in her as well.”

Family Head Wu backed up in a stumble and fell onto the chair behind him. “Impossible… that’s impossible!”

He did not believe that he would lose so completely!

“Mu Chu.” Yun Luofeng slightly looked up. “I will leave the Wu Family for you to handle. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

Despite the complicated feelings in his eyes, Mu Chu reverently responded, “Yes, Tower Master.”

Looking at the people from the Physician Tower who completely surrounded the Wu Estate, Family Head Wu jolted and hoarsely screamed, “Yun Luofeng, you will certainly regret taking in Mu Chu. This boy can betray me now, and he can certainly betray you in the future! Just watch! Hahahaha!”

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