Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1132 - The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (2)

Chapter 1132: The Destruction of the Three Great Clans (2)

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Family Head Ou coldly smiled, his smile sinister and terrifying, and his eyes revealed a cruel glint.

“That’s not for certain. After leaving the Physician Tower today, I made my daughter temporarily leave Endless City and head to her fiance’s in order to prevent her from being accidentally hurt by this. If my daughter learns that we died at the hands of the Physician Tower, she will certainly avenge us!”

Family Head Wu’s eyes dimmed. So what if Ou Ya fortunately managed to escape this time and avenge them? It still would not save them now…


While Family Head Wu contemplated a countermeasure, a tide of people rushed into the courtyard. When he saw the crowd, his expression drastically changed.

A girl clothed in white led the crowd. Magnificent was not enough to describe her beauty.

Family Head Wu and Family Head Ou both knew their death drew near. Their face was extremely pale, and they could not help but start to tremble.

“Mu Chu!”

Suddenly, Family Head Wu saw the man standing next to Yun Luofeng, and his features drastically shifted. He angrily hollered, “You traitor! You actually dared to conspire with Yun Luofeng to harm the Wu Family! Shame that our Wu Family raised your sister and you for so many years! You are an ungrateful wretch!”

Yun Luofeng’s wicked eyes turned to the incensed Family Head Wu, and absentmindedly said, “His loyalty to you for all these years have made up for your kindness of raising him and his sister. Moreover, you used his sister to threaten him and wanted to marry her to a crippled man. How should he settle this score with you?”

Mu Chu’s handsome face instantly darkened, and he tightly clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with a cold fury as he looked at Family Head Wu. “You wanted to marry my sister to a cripple?”

Family Head Wu did not expect Yun Luofeng to know about this, astonishment entering his face.

After recovering, he said with a cold smile, “That’s right. I did want to marry her to a cripple, but so what? That cripple is willing to use an extremely valuable medicinal herb in exchange. That little b*tch leeched off of my Wu Family for so many years, shouldn’t I collect some payment for it? Should I let her freeload instead?”


Steam burst from Mu Chu’s Head as he angrily retorted, “Freeload? I have been a guard for your Wu Family over these years. Besides food and clothes, what else have I accepted from your Wu Family? What we eat is plain meals, what we wear is burlap clothes! We haven’t even mentioned a monthly wage for all these years, but you said we were freeloading?”

As soon as he thought of the grievances that he and his sister suffered over the years, fury uncontrollably ruptured from his heart and spread out as though it wanted to destroy the world.

“Mu Chu! You have the guts!” Family Head Wu did not have the courage to say anything to Yun Luofeng, but Mu Chu was part of his Wu Family and had always been loyal, so he completely overlooked Yun Luofeng’s presence and furiously met Mu Chu’s eyes.

“Who gave you the guts to say something so treacherous? If I didn’t consider that you and your sister had no home to return to, I wouldn’t have taken you in! Now that I have already taken you two in, you have the nerve to raise other requests? There is no way I will give you a single copper coin, let alone monthly wage!”

That’s right! In Family Head Wu’s mind, it was already extraordinary generous that he was willing to provide food for the siblings, so how could he dare to ask for a monthly wage?

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