Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1129 - Yun Luofeng's Rage (11)

Chapter 1129: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (11)

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Even now, Nangong Qing was still exculpating himself of all wrongdoings and wanted to shove all the fault onto someone else.

“The moment you thought I was a bastard, you were no longer my father.” A cold smile slipped onto Nangong Yunyi’s face. “I also won’t feel any sympathy for you!”

Was he cruel? Did he truly forget Nangong Qing’s favorable actions? No!

It was because he understood Nangong Qing’s personality. This man was vicious and merciless and would do anything to achieve his goals! Now that the Nangong Family was decimated in Yun Luofeng’s hands, how could he let the matter go?

No matter how Nangong Qing once doted on him, it could not compare to his long friendship with Yun Luofeng. He won’t tenderhearted for Yun Luofeng’s sake!

“Nangong Yunyi!” Nangong Qing angrily cried, “Are you truly this heartless? I’m your father! Won’t you be struck by lightning for killing your father?”

Nangong Yunyi was about to respond when Yun Luofeng lifted her hand, halting him.

“Don’t cause trouble for Nangong,” the girl announced with raised brows. “Even if he pleaded on your behalf, I wouldn’t spare a single person from the three great families!”

Nangong Qing’s face was deathly pale, and despair invaded his eyes.

Suddenly, the girl’s previous domineering proclamation rung in everyone’s mind.

Those who submit to me, you can have the world. Those who go against me, you will traverse through hell!

If they submitted to her, with her strength alone, a portion of the world will belong to them in the future. If they went against her, then they can only traverse through infernal hell…

“You nailed Xiao Bai to the wall with spirit nails previously and caused her immense pain. Now, I will return this pain to you a thousandfold!”

Yun Luofeng extended her hand toward Milk Tea. “Milk Tea, hand over the nails you picked up.”

Milk Tea did not want to understand what Yun Luofeng wanted to do but still took out the spirit nails.

“Engulf these nails inside a flame for seven days, then soak them in the juices of the poisonous lingzhi mushroom for five days. After the juice dries, nail these people to poles and their spirit will disperse after seven weeks!”

These people only used normal spirit nails on Lin Ruobai, so it could only consume her spirit, making her endure the pain of her spirit being depleted. Also, it required several hundred spirit nails to have an effect.

However, these spirit nails were not like that after Yun Luofeng’s modification. A single nail could allow them to enjoy pain a thousand times more intense than Lin Ruobai’s.

Lin Ruobai’s spirit was being consumed and her power was bound. Whereas their spirit would feel like they were in a purgatory every single second. How could normal people endure that type of pain? Yet, hell was only burning their soul, so they could not lose consciousness even if they wanted to!

The most important part was that the spirit nails experienced by Lin Ruobai would make her spirit disperse within 10 days. That is to say, she only had to endure 10 days of pain…

However, the spirit nails modified by Yun Luofeng would not allow their spirit to disperse until 49 days had passed!

“No!” Nangong Lan sharply screamed. “Yun Luofeng, are you human? How could you be so cruel? No, I absolutely don’t want to be tortured like this!”

Her body was slightly trembling, her face pale.

“Cruel?” Yun Luofeng coldly smiled. “Did you think you were cruel when you were torturing Xiao Bai? Did you think about whether it was too cruel when you broke Nangong’s bones? I, Yun Luofeng, don’t requite evil with good! I only know how to fight evil with evil!”

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