Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1128 - Yun Luofeng's Rage (10)

Chapter 1128: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (10)

Translator: Zen_ Editor: Rock

“You lunatic, let go of me!” Mu Qianqian raised her hand and flung her hand at Nangong Chen’s face, her body trembling from anger. “I said that I don’t know any Yang Xue! I don’t know what you’re saying, so where should I find that person for you?”

Nangong Chen guffawed. As laughed, tears began streaming down his face.

“Mu Qianqian, I shouldn’t have obeyed you and framed Nangong Yunyi and his mother! I wouldn’t have harmed two innocent people otherwise. I didn’t even save Xue’er in the end! Don’t think I don’t know that Nangong Lan isn’t even my brother’s daughter! She’s a bastard from a one night stand with a man outside, but you needed a scapegoat, so you plotted against my brother while he was drunk!”

A sneer adorned his lips. When he recalled everything he did these last twenty plus years, he really wanted to ruthlessly slap himself!


Hearing his words, Nangong Qing froze. His eyes widened in disbelief and were glued to Nangong Chen. “Why did you say? You wrongly accused Hu’er? Yi’er is truly my son?”

He must be lying! That is absolutely impossible!

Nangong Chen snorted. “Brother, you are truly idiotic. You believed whatever Mu Qianqian and I said. Your beloved woman never betrayed you, and Yi’er is indeed your son.”


As though struck by lightning, Nangong Qing’s face instantly turned into the color of pig liver. His body started shuddering as he glanced at the injury-ridden Nangong Yunyi, and a heart-wrenching feeling pervaded his entire body.

Hu’er didn’t betray me… Yi’er was truly my child!

What in the world had he been doing? He drove out his most beloved woman and allowed his only son to be so seriously injured!

“Nonsense!” Nangong Lan charged toward Nangong Chen like a mad woman and her fists fiercely pounded into him.

“I am a daughter of the Nangong Family! I am Father’s child! You dare to slander me and harbor Nangong Yunyi? Why right does he have to be Father’s son?”

Nangong Chen did not dodge and allowed Nangong Lan to punch him as she pleased. He had already accepted death at this point.

Xue’er was already dead? What reason did he have to continue living?

He could not protect her when she lived, so he would not allow anyone to hurt her in death!

“Yi’er…” Nangong Qing watched Nangong Yunyi with heartache and a face full of guilt. “Father is scum and actually thought you were Nangong Chen’s bastard! I even caused you to be tortured like this. It’s Father’s fault. Father did wrong by you…”

He begged for Nangong Yunyi’s forgiveness, not only because Nangong Yunyi was his son, but also because he had a better relationship with Yun Luofeng. If Nangong Yunyi forgave him, then Yun Luofeng would certainly release him for his sake!

Unfortunately, Nangong Qing guessed wrong this time…

The Nangong Family harmed Xiao Bai, so there is no way they could escape death!

Moreover, Nangong Yunyi saw through his thoughts with a single glance, so he turned away, ignoring him.

To put it mildly, he did not have any feelings for this father of his, and even if he did, he would still side with Yun Luofeng.


Nangong Qing suddenly kneeled on the ground, regretful tears streaming down his face. “Yi’er, Dad doesn’t ask for your forgiveness. Dad only hopes you can consider how well Dad treated you before, and spare Dad’s life! Also, it was the ancestral elders’ idea to use the spirit nails on Lin Ruobai. You also weren’t beaten up by me. I’m innocent…”

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