Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1123 - Yun Luofeng's Rage (5)

Chapter 1123: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (5)

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Nangong Lan’s face was ghastly pale as she attempted to stagger back due to her fear. However, the Hamster Queen did not give her the opportunity to escape and grabbed her by her lapels before turning around and headed out of the prison.

“Master’s fury can’t be endured by everyone.”

Nangong Family

Inside the main courtyard, Yun Luofeng’s aura was sharp like a sword as she evilly and coldly watched the people hiding from the creeper vines’ attack.

“If we continue like this, we will all be caught by her. So we must kill her first! It’s only when she dies that these vines will stop!” the gray-robed old man declared between clenched teeth as he coldly looked at Yun Luofeng.

That instant, the elders who managed to remain alive all stopped hiding and charged toward Yun Luofeng while gathering all of their power.


Angry shouts rang in the air one by one, accompanied by an old man flinging his palm towards Yun Luofeng’s head from the air. His eyes were incredibly cold and piercing, and his aura like a flood.

Everyone believed that Yun Luofeng’s brain would turn into mush from this slap and she would die without an intact corpse!


Suddenly, a barrier appeared above her head and blocked his attack. At the same time, the barrier loudly exploded, and the powerful explosive force sent the old man two steps back.

“I heard you used an innocent person to seize my disciple?” Yun Luofeng peered up, watching the old men diving at her one after another. “Using innocent people to seize my disciple… how should I settle this score with you?”

Her power rippled on her body, and her waterfall-like hair wildly danced in the wind, making her appear magnificent and imposing.

At that moment, all the old men already reached her and launched their strongest attack against her, planning to kill her with one hit.

No one had any hesitations! As soon as they hesitated, they would get entangled by the vines!

“Yun Luofeng, you have guts larger than the heavens! Today, we will kill you here and tell the world that the status of the three great families is unshakable! As for your disciple, she’s getting what she deserves!”


Boom Boom Boom!

The power of countless sage-level cultivators rushed into the air, causing the sky and earth to grow dim and colorless. Lightning flashed and thunder clapped, reverberating through the horizon.

The young girl’s expression remained static under the wild winds, bewitching and indifferent. Her pitch-black eyes were like the stormy ocean, pulling people in like a whirlpool.

At the same time, a countless number of long swords appeared around her, floating in the air and emitting a bone-chilling iciness.


When the elders reached Yun Luofeng, the long swords finally moved and uniformly headed for all the elders. They sharply slashed through the sky, leaving a dark afterimage behind.

“When I was at the Physician Tower, I said something. Those who submit to me, you can have the world. Those who go against me, you will traverse through hell!”


The long swords blocked the elders’ attacks. There appeared to be a wave of energy that viciously slammed on their chest, causing a bone-deep pain to penetrate them.

An elder seemed to have sensed something and looked up in shock. “You… you are… a sage-level cultivator?”

Sage-level cultivator! The Tower Master of the Physician Tower was actually a sage-level cultivator?

A chillingly evil smile spread across Yun Luofeng’s lips. “Apologies, I coincidentally broke through to sage-level just last night.”


Like thunder rolling, everyone present was stupefied.

It was evident that Lin Ruobai was able to fight with these elders because a transformation occurred in her body, causing her strength to rapidly increase.

However… Yun Luofeng was a genuine sage-level spirit cultivator!

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