Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1122 - Yun Luofeng's Rage (4)

Chapter 1122: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (4)

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“Nangong Yunyi, you’re seeking death!” Nangong Yunyi’s gaze stung Nangong Lan. She only needed to put force behind her hand, and she would cut his tongue off.


But at this time, the door to the prison was burst opened by a wave of power, startling her, and her hand jolted and she lost her grip on the dagger.

Nangong Lan furiously turned her head and was about to curse in rage when she shockingly saw Milk Tea and Hamster Queen appear inside the prison and her face went white. “You… you are… Why are you here?”

There was no way that she did not recognize Yun Luofeng’s two companions. However, what remained incomprehensible to her was why these two people would appear here.

Hearing Nangong Lan’s voice, Nangong Yunyi’s exhausted eyes slightly looked up and turned to Milk Tea and Hamster Queen. His expression finally relaxed at that moment.

Yun Luofeng… came?

That was right, she must have come. Otherwise, her two subordinates would not appear here!

“Xiao Bai!” Milk Tea caught sight of Lin Ruobai nailed to the wall at first glance and hastily sprinted over with an anxious expression. “The nails on her body are a bit special. If we forcefully pull them out, it might make Xiao Bai’s spirit disperse. That won’t do, we must find Master in order to save Xiao Bai!”

The Hamster Queen did not say anything, and her aloof eyes swept toward Nangong Lan. “Are you ready to receive my master’s fury?”

Nangong Lan’s expression shifted, and she snorted. “Our three great Families have the protection of the ancestral elders. Yun Luofeng is nothing! She is no match for the ancestral elders!”

“Hamster Queen.” Seeing that the Hamster Queen wanted to continue speaking, Milk Tea walked over. “Xiao Bai’s state is too horrendous. Under the influence of these nails, her spirit is very weak. If we don’t save her in time, she might not be able to survive. We should go find Master now.”

“Also…” Milk Tea pointed at Nangong Yunyi on the floor. “This guy is Master’s friend. I will bring him along. You grab this woman to hand over to Master!”

After saying this, Milk Tea headed toward Nangong Yunyi, who was entirely covered in blood. He glanced at the injuries on him, and his expression abruptly changed. “His spine is broken, his ankles are broken, his viscera are damaged. His injuries are extremely severe, but thankfully, our master’s medical skills are brilliant and should be able to save him. If he encountered someone else, even if his life was saved, he would only become an invalid.”

Milk Tea kneeled down and lifted Nangong Yunyi onto his shoulder.

Nangong Yunyi, who had suffered such a long duration of pain, finally could not resist gasping at that moment. With his extremely weak voice, he asked, “Can you be gentler?”

“No!” Milk Tea humphed. “Who told you to be idiotic to this degree and have an altercation with the Nangong Family unaccompanied?”

Nangong Yunyi wryly chuckled. “I didn’t expect it to be like this. As soon as I returned to the Nangong Family, I was locked up by them.”

Originally, when he heard the three great families kidnapped Lin Ruobai, he wanted to come back to survey the situation. Who knew he would have the bastard tag slapped onto him as soon as he came back?

“The next time something like this happens, wait for my master! Don’t show off on your own!” Milk Tea glared at Nangong Yunyi and lifted his hand to slap his back. “This pain is to make you remember this.”

Although Milk Tea was not very polite in his speech, Nangong Yunyi could still detect his concern. A smile could not help but rise on Nangong Yunyi’s lips.

“You’ve harmed both Master’s disciple and friend.” The Hamster Queen indifferently walked toward Nangong Lan. “A hundred deaths would be too good for you!”

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