Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1121 - Yun Luofeng's Rage (3)

Chapter 1121: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (3)

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They intended to see whether this battle would result in the Physician Tower’s win or the three great family’s territory would remain steady as a mountain and unshakeable.


Just as the elders swiftly charged toward Yun Luofeng, numerous strands of creeper vines appeared on the ground and entangled the elders like a swimming snake. One of the elders was caught off guard, and the vines coiled around him, immobilizing him.

Seeing his situation, his companions immediately drew their swords, wanting to chop off the vines. However, the vines were as firm as steel, and the swords were unable to chop it off.

“What is this?” His face was deathly pale, his eyes brimming with fear. “Why isn’t my strength enough to cleave it?”

As he was about to back up, the vines from the side launched toward him without any notice from his part. If it were not for Nangong Qing’s sharp scream, perhaps he could have dodged the vine by chance. However, Nangong Qing just happened to scream, “Elder Ou Xing, careful!”

Hearing this, Ou Xing instinctively halted. And it was because of this pause that the vines instantly tangled around his body…

The entire estate became deadly silent. As for the previously arrogant elders, they could only continue to dodge those indestructible vines and had no time to spare to deal with Yun Luofeng.

At this time, inside the dark and damp cell, Nangong Lan’s feet mercilessly stepped on Nangong Yunyi’s back. With a frosty smile on her lips, she bent down and eerily said, “Nangong Yunyi, are you in a lot of pain? No worries, as long as you beg me, perhaps I will allow you to die easily.”

Nangong Yunyi closed his eyes. His action already revealed his thoughts. Even if he died, he would not plead for mercy!

“Alright, you have a backbone. Since it’s like this, I will carve out your eyes first, then chop off your limbs. I would like to see how tough you are!”

Nangong Lan flipped Nangong Yunyi’s body over, and a dagger abruptly appeared in her hand, which she used to gesture at his eyes.

“Tell me, should I gouge out your left eye first or your right eye?” Nangong Lan said with an icy smile, “Of course, if you insult Yun Luofeng once, I will leave behind one of your eyes! If you praise me saying I’m better looking than Yun Luofeng and more talented than Yun Luofeng, then I will let you keep both eyes.”

Nangong Yunyi did not make a single sound and kept his eyes tightly shut. His death-accepting manner completely infuriated Nangong Lan.

“Nangong Yunyi, let me tell you, Yun Luofeng can’t compare to me!” Viciousness flashed through her eyes. “She must have consumed something that raised her strength in order to break through to her current realm. When only talents are considered, 10 Yun Luofengs can’t measure up to one of me! As for appearance… I’m the number one beauty in Endless City! Yun Luofeng is nothing! Any man who thinks she is more beautiful than me is blind!”

Nangong Lan had to disguise herself when she was outside during these past years, so she was venting all of her emotions onto Nangong Yunyi.

“You aren’t willing to humiliate her? Alright! Then I will also cut off your tongue so that you can’t saying a single word from now on.”

Her dagger trailed from his eyes to his lips, and she harshly pried open his lips with an eerie and terrifying smile.

Feeling the icy cool feeling on the tip of his tongue, Nangong Yunyi lightly trembled before recovering his calm. He opened his eyes and pitifully looked at Nangong Lan.

In truth, Nangong Lan was too pitiful. She could now only use these words to fool herself.

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