Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1118 - Despicable and Shameless (6)

Chapter 1118: Despicable and Shameless (6)

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That type of love had nothing to do with romance or spending their lifetime hand in hand. He would protect her even at the risk of everything in his finite life.

Nangong Lan’s brows knitted. She originally thought it must have been because Nangong Yunyi deeply loved Yun Luofeng that he was willing to sacrifice himself like this to save Lin Ruobai. But it currently looked like it wasn’t like this…

Platonic love? What a joke! She would never believe this type of love existed in this world!

“Nangong Yunyi, you want to save Lin Ruobai? Sure! If you can endure ten of my strikes, I will release her!” Nangong Lan snorted. With a swish of her hand, she pulled out a hammer from her space ring.


Her hammer landed on Nangong Yunyi’s back. He tightly clenched his fists, and his body imperceptibly swayed.

“Nangong Yunyi, you aren’t allowed to use any defense. Otherwise, I won’t let off this woman!”

Unable to utilize any defense methods meant that he would only be slightly better off than a normal person. With Nangong Yunyi’s current state, how could he withstand these ten strikes?

Nangong Yunyi’s body shuddered. In the end, he removed his whole-body defense, displaying his weakness in front of Nangong Lan.

When the second strike hit him, Nangong Yunyi could not resist and face planted. He struggled to get up but was crippled by a heart-wrenching pain. It was not until he felt this pain that he realized his spine was broken by that strike.

“It’s only been two strikes, but you already can’t endure it? You still have eight more waiting for you!” Nangong Lan eerily smiled. “I would like to see how long you can persevere!”


Another strike landed on Nangong Yunyi’s back. The taste of copper filled his mouth, and blood was stuck in his throat, making it feel extraordinarily unwell.

When the fourth strike landed, he could feel his lower eyelid and upper eyelid sticking together. He had no energy to separate them, so he could only allow them to close.

The fifth strike… he was unable to hold on anymore. Dizziness hit his head, and he could only rely on his last strand of willpower to persist!

His mother’s injustice was not cleared yet, Nangong Qing had not regretted anything yet, Mu Qianqian and Nangong Lan have not collected their retribution yet… How could he die here?

It was nothing but ten strikes. He was a man, how come he could not withstand it?

When the sixth strike landed, Nangong Yunyi felt his back go numb, and his whole body’s senses muted. He harshly clenched his teeth, the pain from the tip of his tongue reviving his willpower.

Following this, the seventh strike, the eighth strike, the ninth strike… they all landed. As long as he could hold on until the last strike landed, he would be able to save Lin Ruobai!

“Nangong Yunyi, I didn’t expect you to be able to hold on. I wonder if you could withstand the last strike!”

Nangong Lan held the hammer in her hand high in the air and sent all her spiritual energy into the hammer. It swung through the damp air and ruthlessly landed on his back…


The mouthful of blood stuck in his throat was finally forced out with the last hit of the hammer. The puddle of blood on the floor was a ghastly sight, sickening to the eyes.

“Nangong Lan…” Nangong Yunyi’s voice was very weak, as though it would disappear at any moment. “I’ve already endured ten of your hits. You must abide by your promise and release this girl.”

Nangong Lan mockingly smiled and spread her hands open, asking, “Release her? Did I say that? Who can prove it?”

“You…” Fire emitted from Nangong Yunyi’s eyes due to his anger. “Your word is worthless! You’re despicable and shameless!”

Nangong Lan slightly smiled and walked to the front of Nangong Yunyi. She lowered her head and haughtily peered down at him. “It’s because you thought your status as a bastard was too humiliating and was wholeheartedly willing to endure these ten strikes. What does it have to do with me? Why should I release this girl?”

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