Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1117 - Despicable and Shameless (5)

Chapter 1117: Despicable and Shameless (5)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

Inside a dark and damp cell, Lin Ruobai’s body was tightly nailed to the wall. Blood flowed freely from her wounds, dying her green clothes red. It was as though she was submerged inside a tub of blood, without any signs of life.


Suddenly, the door to the prison was opened, and Nangong Lan harshly shoved Nangong Yunyi inside.

Nangong Yunyi was about to curse in rage when he caught sight of Lin Ruobai nailed to the wall with copper nails. His heart instantly sunk, and his low voice revealed his fury. “Nangong Lan, just what in the world have you done to Yun Luofeng’s disciple?”

Nangong Lan chuckled. “These copper nails were created from special materials and can suppress the surging power inside of her! If she continues to grow stronger, she will certainly become an evil that wreaks havoc on the world. Hence, our Nangong Family is eradicating this evil for the people!”

“Pah!” Nangong Yunyi spat towards Nangong Lan’s shameless face, his expression livid. “Eradicating evil for the people? I feel like the ones who should truly be eradicated are the Nangong Family instead!”

Nangong Lan’s eyes turned cold. Her figure charged to Nangong Yunyi in the blink of an eye with a layer of spiritual energy enveloped in her palm and aimed it at his chest with a boom.

At that moment, a light flashed from Nangong Yunyi’s ring, and two spiritual beasts, one large and one small, instantly appeared in front of Nangong Lan.


That furious roar sent Nangong Lan staggering a few steps back. Her eyes slightly narrowed, her dangerous gaze closely watching the blood lion blocking her from Nangong Yunyi. “Don’t forget who it was that brought you out of the Forest of No Return! How can you treat me like this now?”

The blood lion snorted. He was originally peacefully dwelling inside the Forest of No Return. Who knew that he would accidentally fall into this woman’s trap and come here, leaving his home against his will? Should he… thank her instead?

Seeing that the blood lion did not listen to her, Nangong Lan turned her gaze toward Nangong Yunyi. “Nangong Yunyi, don’t forget we are inside the Nangong Family. Do you think these two spiritual beasts will be enough to protect you? Moreover, Yun Luofeng’s disciple is in my hands. If you don’t want her to be in more pain, recall your spiritual beasts.”

Nangong Yunyi tightly clenched his fists. He glanced at the completely bloody Lin Ruobai behind him, his eyes darkening. “Little Lightning, Little Blood, come back.”

The winged, purple-tailed sable and blood lion both called out, expressing their protest. If they left, their master would certainly be tortured by this woman.

“Return. Nangong Lan doesn’t have the guts to kill me yet!” Nangong Yunyi looked up with determination. “This is an order!”

Once a spiritual beast was tamed, it had to obey any orders from its master. Regardless of how unwilling they were, they could only return to the ring.

“Nangong Lan, release this girl.” Nangong Yunyi’s fists tightened. “If you release her, you can do with me as you will”

Nangong Lan glanced toward Nangong Yunyi. “It looks like you have deep affections for Yun Luofeng. You have no scruples against sacrificing yourself for her disciple!”

“You will never understand there is a type of love that is called platonic love. This type of love has nothing to do with romantic love! For her, I am willing to lose my head and spill my blood. I can also stand beside her when she is enemies with the whole world! However, someone like you will never understand the love between us!”

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