Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1114 - Despicable and Shameless (2)

Chapter 1114: Despicable and Shameless (2)

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It turned out this woman was the legendary Tower Master of the Physician Tower. She was so devastatingly beautiful and peerlessly magnificent!

Lu’er blinked, awestruck. “Mother, that Big Sis is so handsome! I want to marry her when I grow up!”

The mother’s forehead twitched, and she looked at her daughter with a dark expression.

Yun Luofeng probably never would have thought that her careless actions would cause a naive little girl to say something like that…

Nangong Clan

Nangong Qing sat on a chair with worry on his face, and his whole person appeared very dispirited.

“I’ve completely burned my bridges with the Physician Tower. I’m afraid I won’t be able to explain myself to Yi’er.”

“Family Head”—Eldest Elder glanced at Nangong Qing—”Business comes first. Although Young Master has favorable opinions of that woman from the Physician Tower, he will know the right from wrong! How could an outside power like her make us obey? Dream on!”

Nangong Qing helplessly sighed. It was too late to turn back! He could only force himself to continue on this path.

“Family Head.”

At this time, a soft and delicate voice was heard from outside the main hall.

Nangong Qing’s brows knitted, and he turned his head, catching sight of Mu Qianqian and Nangong Lan stepping into the main hall.

“Why did you come here?” His face was displeased, and his cold eyes glanced at Nangong Lan. If it were not for her, they would not have been almost completely wiped out today!

Nangong Lan lowered her head, not saying anything, but her hands hanging beside her tightly clenched.

“Family Head, you can’t fault Lan’er. She is your only blood child on this world after all.” Mu Qianqian slowly walked toward Nangong Qing with a soft smile.

Nangong Qing drowned. “What do you mean? I still have Yi’er, he is my son and should inherit the Nangong Clan!”

Hearing the man’s words, Nangong Lan’s body shuddered and her heart sank. No matter how much she did, Father would only have eyes for that illegitimate son!

“Nangong Yunyi?” Mu Qianqian snorted. “That boy’s mother was uninhibited and flirtatious. Who can be absolutely sure that Nangong Yunyi is your biological son?”

“We have used the blood verification method!” Nangong Qing angrily responded with a growl.

Mu Qianqian’s eyes shifted, and she said with a smile, “Family Head, how can the blood verification method always be reliable? The one who Nangong Yunyi’s mother seduced is Family Head’s own younger brother. With the presence of this blood relation, the blood verification method has a high possibility of succeeding!”

“Stop!” Nangong Qing furiously shouted, his veins popping out of his forehead.

His brother having an affair with his wife was the unmentionable humiliation of the Nangong Clan!

“Family Head, do you feel like there are any similarities between you and Nangong Yunyi?”

It was as though Mu Qianqian’s voice contained sorcery and turned Nangong Qing quiet.

He originally did not have any thoughts about this, but as soon as he heard her, he felt suspicious toward Nangong Yunyi. That slut had an affair with his brother, so perhaps… Nangong Yunyi was their fruit!

No wonder… no wonder Nangong Yunyi never listened to him! It turned out he was deceiving him the whole time?


Nangong Aung slammed his hand against the desk. “If he is truly not my son, then I won’t let him off!”

He would not permit anyone to deceive him! Moreover, he doted on Nangong Qing too much over the years, so how could he tolerate this type of disappointment?

“Mu Qianqian, what evidence do you have to prove Yunyi isn’t my son?”

“Family Head, I brought a person to see you.” Mu Qianqian mysteriously smiled and clapped her hands.

Immediately, two guards escorted a man inside.

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