Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1112 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (10)

Chapter 1112: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (10)

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Lin Ruobai lowered her head and looked at the little girl. Her eyes were still dyed in red but her face was not as expressionless as before and it looked radiant under the rays of sunlight.

“You said that you’d like to join the Physician Tower?”

The little girl seriously nodded her head. “The Physician Tower’s people are all kind and people from the three great families are bad. I want to join the Physician Tower and defeat the bad guys.”

This time around, the woman did not stop the little girl. No matter how foolish she was, she could still understand what happened before her. Her daughter merely spoke a few words about the three great families and these seemingly dignified people had wanted to kill her. If it weren’t for this young lady from the Physician Tower who saved her child at the risk of her life, her daughter would have been separated from her.

Lin Ruobai smiled. Her smile was filled with rays of light, so dazzling that made one unable to shift their gaze.

“Remember your words of today. The Physician Tower welcomes you to join at any time.”

“Miss…,” the woman walked up and supported Lin Ruobai, “thank you for saving my daughter.”

Lin Ruobai shook her head. “She’s a good seedling and if nurtured well, she’ll become a strength beside my Master. I will not let the Physician Tower lose a good seedling. If I’m able to escape death this time, I will raise this matter with my Master and let her enter the Physician Tower to learn.”

Cough cough!

Lin Ruobai coughed up blood and as she was somewhat weakened, she gradually fell to the ground…


The little girl cried bitterly and she wanted to catch Lin Ruobai but her strength was lacking and she could only fall on the ground along with Lin Ruobai.

“Bring her back!” The grey-robed elder coldly snorted as he expressionlessly spoke.

The woman’s body trembled and just as she wanted to speak, the little girl had climbed up from the ground and her little figure stood before Lin Ruobai.

“Bad people, don’t bully sister!”

The grey-robed elder’s eyes sank and spoke with a fake smile. “Don’t you see that this woman has been demonified? She’s a scourge and we’re getting rid of an evil for the people!”

The crowd who originally sided with the grey-robed elder did not act as they did earlier on when they scolded Lin Ruobai. Instead, they unanimously maintained silence.

The Ou Family did not have much patience. Someone walked up to the little girl, lifted and fiercely threw her to one side and then carried Lin Ruobai on his shoulders. “Let’s go!”


The moment the little girl was picked up by her mother, she saw Lin Ruobai’s figure being hauled away and she bitterly cried out. She struggled to get down but alas, she could only look on helplessly at Lin Ruobai getting further away….

“Little girl,” Nangong Lan stood up and revealed a smile on her elegant face. “You better not be fooled by these people. That woman isn’t any kind soul.”


The woman tightly hugged her daughter and spat at Nangong Lan’s face.

“She isn’t any kind soul? Then are you one? My daughter merely spoke a few words about the three great families and you wanted to kill her! Originally, if it weren’t to save my daughter, that lady wouldn’t have been struck by your attacks and she wouldn’t have lost. When all is said and done, exactly who isn’t a kind soul?”

Nangong Lan’s expression darkened and coldly looked at the woman. Just as she wanted to speak, voices of ridicule gushed forth like a tide from all around.

“I originally truly thought that the woman was demonified, resulting in her frantically killing. Unexpectedly, we were all mistaken about her.”

“Indeed, if the three great influential families had not provoked her, she would have never killed out of rage. Alas, she was injured because of an unrelated person.”

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