Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1111 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (9)

Chapter 1111: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (9)

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“I believe that what the ancestor elders of the three great influential families say is right. Clearly, this woman has been demonified and if you look at her eyes, it is evident that only a devil would possess such eyes! If she isn’t killed, many people will suffer from a calamity!”

“That’s right, this woman deserves to die and her personality is bloody and cruel. For the safety of the commoners, she should be killed,” the crowd shouted, causing a commotion.

In their eyes, Lin Ruobai was a devil and the people from the three great influential families were gods that eliminated demons and devils!

Standing among the various elders, Lin Ruobai was expressionless as before. Her eyes were red through and through as if blood had been smudged over her eyes, and it was comparatively frightening.

Currently, a fight could happen at any moment. In any case, the ancestor elders were sage-level cultivators and supreme existences on this continent. Even so, Lin Ruobai who was currently facing several ancestor elders was not in a disadvantageous position.


Just then, a feeble voice sounded among the crowd. “I recognize this sister. She seems to be someone from the Physician Tower.”

If Qingyan was present, she would have recognized this little girl who had been nearly run over by the Ou Family’s carriage but was saved by her. In addition, after she had been saved, she made an oath to enter the Physician Tower.

“Yuan’er, don’t speak.”

The woman beside her covered her mouth in shock and cautiously looked at the battle before her. However, her hands weren’t really tightly held against her mouth and the little girl’s voice could be faintly heard.

“Mother, why do they all think that it’s this sister’s fault? I feel that people from the three great influential families aren’t any good and had wanted to run over me before. It was the sister of the Physician Tower who saved me, so these people are the bad guys while the sister from the Physician Tower is the good person. In the future, I will definitely join the Physician Tower.”

The little girl was quite young and in her heart, Qingyan who saved her was definitely a good person and everyone in the Physician Tower was the same. In contrast, the Ou Family who wanted to run her over would definitely be the bad people.


The woman was scared to death and cold sweat flowed down as she hastily stopped her. “Don’t speak nonsense, avoid provoking and offending others.”

The little girl blinked her eyes in confusion, She was still young and did not understand what happened.

The grey-robed expert coldly looked at the little girl and a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. When everyone wasn’t paying attention, a powerful force was sent flying from his sleeves and shot towards that little girl. She herself did not notice the grey-robed expert’s actions.

Or it should be said that no one had witnessed his actions…

Therefore, after seeing Lin Ruobai rapidly rushing towards the little girl, everyone was taken aback.

“Hurry, hurry and dodge. This devil is about to go crazy!” Everyone hastily screeched.

The woman was also shocked silly and after she recovered her senses, Lin Ruobai had arrived before the little girl…


She swiftly protected the little girl in her embrace and that attack fiercely landed on her back. Previously, she had already expended a huge amount of energy to get ahead of this attack and so she did not have the opportunity to put up a defense. A cultivator who did not put up their defenses and fought a battle was only slightly better than an average man. This was also why it was easy for assassins to kill someone who had a higher cultivation than themselves.

The little girl distractedly blinked her eyes and her cute expression was staring at Lin Ruobai. She reached out her hands and wiped the trace of blood on Lin Ruobai’s lips as her gaze was filled with confusion.

“Sister, why are you bleeding?”

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