Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1109 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (7)

Chapter 1109: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (7)

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Nangong Lan felt the gushing aura from Xiao Bai’s body and her expression changed while she hastily shouted, “Hurry and stop her, otherwise it’ll be too late!”

Immediately, everyone rapidly rushed towards Xiao Bai and their figures were like an incorporeal sharp sword.

Lin Ruobai’s bloodshot eyes were tranquil without any fluctuations and her empty eyes looked coldly at everyone rushing over. The hurricane above her head did not dissipate but instead became more violent…

A gale emerged around her surroundings as her black hair danced in the wind. Her child-like face was adorable and lovely, yet lacked it’s previous liveliness and was so cold that it caused one to be frightened.

The moment Nangong Qing and the others arrived before her, the aura on her body exploded. It instantly caused them to be sent flying and they crashed on the ground in a sorry mess. Nangong Qing raised his head in shock and looking at the young lady’s green robes, his gaze was filled with fright and fear.


Indeed, the current Lin Ruobai was like a blood-thirsty devil that had lost her wisdom and only knew to kill.


Nangong Qing and the others look a quick glimpse at each other before turning to escape. Currently, the only viable option was to get reinforcements!

“Master!” Green Phoenix stared distractedly at Lin Ruobai. She didn’t know why, but the young lady right now gave her an unfamiliar feeling and she couldn’t help but tremble.

“All of you should die!”

Lin Ruobai lifted her hands and in a split second, a power emerged and struck on an elder from the Nangong Family. That instant, everyone witnessed a scene they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

A hole appeared on the elder’s chest yet there was no blood flowing out. After that, the hole increased in size and gradually spread throughout his entire body. Not a moment later, his body had turned into ashes that disappeared in the air. He did not even manage to scream and he had fallen. However, this elder was a god-level expert!

A mighty god-level cultivator did not last a move under her?

Nangong Lan swallowed her saliva and unconsciously retreated. Her pale face was filled with fear and she wanted to turn and run, to get away from this devil.

Yet, at this moment, Lin Ruobai looked at her…

“Father, save me!” Nangong Lan screamed in panic and even tears were about to spill. She originally thought that Yun Luofeng’s disciple was a pushover and didn’t expect her strength to suddenly grow to such an extent! If she knew earlier, she never would have provoked her!


Lin Ruobai suddenly disappeared and when she appeared, she had arrived behind Nangong Lan. Her fist struck Nangong Lan’s back, causing her to be flung out hundreds of meters away and she spat out blood.

She raised her head in fear and saw Lin Ruobai walking to her side.

“Don’t kill me. I know I was wrong. Please don’t kill me.”

Nangong Lan cried like a weeping beauty as she looked at Lin Ruobai. Her frightened expression contained an appeal. In her eyes, the current Lin Ruobai was no different than a devil.


Lin Ruobai slightly raised her chin and looked at Nangong Lan lying on the ground. She lifted her longsword and just as it was about to land, Nangong Lan’s shocked face was completely white.


At that moment not far away, several powerful auras arrived, causing the originally dim and colorless sky to be even duller.

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