Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1108 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (6)

Chapter 1108: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (6)

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“You are… a sky-level cultivator?”

Sky-level cultivator?

Were the people alongside Yun Luofeng all so abnormal?

If Lin Ruobai was not preoccupied with that dried tree, she would never have been able to successfully mount a sneak attack on her!

“This dried tree is a present I’m giving my master yet you dare to think of destroying it? You’re asking for death!”


The killing aura on Lin Ruobai’s body gushed forth and powerful spiritual energy hovered above her head and formed a whirlpool.

“Elder!” Nangong Lan sensed Lin Ruobai’s aura and her expression suddenly changed, “Save me!”

At this moment, not only the elders from Nangong Family took action, even people from the other two influential families had collectively launched an attack towards Lin Ruobai.


A fist suddenly landed on Lin Ruobai’s back and her body was pushed forward. A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out and dyed her lapels.

These elders were all at the god-level cultivation realm and they had a numerical advantage. No matter how strong Lin Ruobai was, it was impossible for her to deal with that many elders. Therefore, she merely protected the dried tree in her embrace with all her effort.

At this point, there were many people encircling them and they were unaware of what was happening so they had a puzzled expression. In order to uphold her image, Nangong Lan cleared her throat and said, “Everyone, this girl is our Nangong Family’s servant maid and now she has stolen our Nangong Family’s belongings. Therefore, I had specially come to chase her!”

So that was the case. After hearing her words, everyone suddenly understood and their expressions looking at Lin Ruobai were full of contempt.

“This young lady is quite pretty and I didn’t expect she would commit such a crime. Tsk tsk, it’s as what they say, we may know a person’s exterior but not their heart!”

“To even dare to steal things from the Nangong Family, is she tired of living? Such a thief should be hacked into pieces without a complete corpse!”

These people’s words were like a sword that ruthlessly pierced into Lin Ruobai’s heart. She wanted to defend herself but she had already expended all her strength protecting the dried tree, to the extent she did not have the strength to speak.

Green Phoenix finally collapsed before her.

Her gorgeous feathers became tattered and riddled with scars. Bright red blood reflected in Lin Ruobai’s eyes, causing her eyes to gradually become thoroughly red…

“I don’t think there’s any need for you to keep this tree.”

Nangong Lan stood before Lin Ruobai and wanted to snatch the dried tree in her hands. However, even when Nangong Lan used all her strength, she was still unable to snatch away Lin Ruobai’s beloved treasure.

“Men, chop off this woman’s hand and I will see if she will let go or not!” Nangong Lan furiously spoke.

“Yes, Eldest young miss!”

Hearing her orders, two men immediately approached her with a sword. Their sharp blades shone and glistened in the sunlight.

Green Phoenix struggled to open her eyes and looked at Lin Ruobai whose face was lifeless. Her beak slightly moved, “Hurry and escape, Master. Escape!”

Lin Ruobai’s expression lifelessly looked at Green Phoenix and a red light was reflected from her eyes that could bewitch one’s heart. She muttered to herself and her expression was lifeless as before.

“Those who think of snatching the present for my master should die!”

“Those who harm Green Phoenix should also die!”

“Therefore, all these people here should die…”


A powerful force similar to a huge wave surged out from Lin Ruobai’s body and in that instant, a squall suddenly rose while the sun became dim and colorless. Lin Ruobai stood in the midst of the wind and her adorable face was expressionless. Her blood-red eyes coldly stared at the group of people before her.

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