Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1107 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (5)

Chapter 1107: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (5)

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After witnessing Green Phoenix’s strength, Nangong Lan felt extreme regret. She would never have expected it to have god-level cultivation. If she knew that from the start, she would have never given it to Yun Luofeng!

That’s right! In Nangong Lan’s heart, this spirit beast had been given away by her, which was why Yun Luofeng had the opportunity to obtain it!

The Ou Family Head looked at Nangong Qing standing beside him and said, “Let’s attack together and subdue this spirit beast!”

Nangong Qing helplessly sighed but ultimately joined in the fight. Regardless of how strong a spirit beast was, it was impossible for it to deal with a few opponents of similar strength. Therefore, it had fallen into a disadvantageous position not long after.

Lin Ruobai tightly hugged onto the tree in her embrace as her expression of vigilance stared at people from the three great families. She carefully retreated but there was an ice-cold wall behind her which blocked her way!

“The thing in your embrace is important to you?” Nangong Lan shot at glance at Lin Ruobai’s prudent actions and sneered.

Lin Ruobai’s body trembled and she tightened her grip on the tree. This was the present she intended to gift to her master and it definitely couldn’t fall into their hands!

“Attack and catch that rotten girl, at the same time, crush that thing in her arms!” Nangong Lan raised her hands and coldly commanded.

In an instant, everyone from Nangong Family unsheathed their weapons and rapidly attacked Lin Ruobai.

Seeing Lin Ruobai in a dangerous situation, Green Phoenix suddenly released a furious cry. She wanted to shake off these people’s entanglement and save Lin Ruobai. However, they had surrounded her in all directions, and she was unable to return to Lin Ruobai’s side.

“Master, hurry and escape to find Lord Luofeng. Hurry and go!” Green Phoenix’s expression was filled with distress and her crisp voice was filled with despair.

It was also at this moment that the bodyguards arrived before Lin Ruobai…

Lin Ruobai tightly hugged the dried tree and her body leaned to one side, dodging their fierce attacks. As she was holding a tree in her arms, she was unable to attack and could only evade their weapons.

A bodyguard took advantage of the chance when Lin Ruobai was dodging and snatched the dried tree in her arms, then fiercely threw it on the ground and waved his sword.

“No!” Lin Ruobai’s piercing voice resounded in the entire streets. She rushed towards that bodyguard like a madman, “Return my things to me, return it to me!”


Nangong Lan unknowingly appeared beside her and kicked her waist, sending her flying out.

Lin Ruobai spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as her bloodshot eyes glared unwavering at Nangong Lan. If it was in the past, Nangong Lan was incapable of hurting her. However, at this moment, rage had overtaken her mind, resulting in her unable to see through Nangong Lan’s action…

“Since you like this tree, then I shall destroy it.”

Nangong Lan sneered and a ball of flame gradually appeared in her palms.


Hearing this word, Lin Ruobai’s pupils suddenly contracted. It was at this moment that Nangong Lan’s fireball had headed toward the dried tree.


Lin Ruobai suddenly got up from the ground and rushed toward the dried tree. The instant when the fireball was about to strike the dried tree, her hands had brought the tree into her embrace.


No one could touch the thing she wanted to gift to her master!

Nangong Lan was somewhat astounded as her expression was of shock while looking at Lin Ruobai. She seemed to have discovered something inconceivable as her eyes were opened wide.

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