Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1106 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (4)

Chapter 1106: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (4)

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Thinking of this, the boss dryly coughed. “There’s some history behind this tree so the price is expensive. Take out ten thousand and I’ll sell it to you.”

A trace of a cold glint flashed past Green Phoenix’s eyes. This dried up tree had been thrown in a corner and was clearly not of value, yet he dared to ask such a high price?

Just as she wanted to haggle, who would expect that Lin Ruobai would directly fish out a stack of banknotes from her lapels and throw it before the boss.

“I’ll be buying this tree!”

If Green Phoenix could transform, perhaps Lin Ruobai could see her darkened expression. She had seen foolish people before, yet not someone as stupid as her. Wasn’t her master too foolish? The boss was clearly defrauding her but she had foolishly been deceived.

However, looking at Lin Ruobai in high spirits, Green Phoenix couldn’t bear to mock her…

Lin Ruobai hugged the dried tree and happily walked out of the medical store, but before she managed to take more than a few steps, she had accidentally met people from the three great families. She saw Nangong Lan among the three great influential families in a glance and a trace of shock flashed across her eyes.

“Strange, these people seem to have come from the West District. Could it be they went looking for trouble with my master?”

Lin Ruobai felt increasingly uneasy and hastily thought of leaving, but who knew that Nangong Lan’s sharp eyes would spot her and she sternly shouted. “Stop!”

Hearing her shout, Lin Ruobai footsteps did not even pause but instead hastily rushed towards the West District.

“Lan’er, you know her?” Nangong Qing swept a glance at Lin Ruobai as he asked in seriousness.

“Father, do you remember my spiritual beast being snatched away by Yun Luofeng? That spiritual beast is right beside that woman.” Nangong Lan took a deep breath, “This woman is Yun Luofeng’s disciple!”

Nangong Qing was startled and he subconsciously looked at Lin Ruobai.

“Miss Nangong, is what you say the truth?” The Ou Family Head chuckled, “It’s truly like accidentally finding something after searching for miles in vain for it! I didn’t expect we would encounter Yun Luofeng’s disciple here and as I see it, we should catch this woman and force Yun Luofeng to hand over the antidote!”

Wu Family’s Head sneered, “I don’t think Yun Luofeng would hand over the antidote for a disciple. After all, power is of more importance when compared to a disciple.”

“That might not be so,” Nangong Lan smirked, “Yun Luofeng loves this disciple of hers dearly or otherwise, she wouldn’t have snatched my spiritual beast! Therefore, I find that Ou Family Head’s idea is feasible. Father, don’t you wish for the poison to be removed? As long as it is removed, we no longer have to be afraid of Yun Luofeng.”

Nangong Qing was speechless and he knew what his daughter said was reasonable. As long as the poison was detoxified, he no longer had to be controlled by Yun Luofeng.


Just as Nangong Qing was still thinking it through, people from the Ou Family and the Wu Family had already begun taking action. They encircled Lin Ruobai as they spoke while sneering, “Miss, we’ll have to trouble you to follow us.”

Lin Ruobai retreated. “Why?”

“Because you are Yun Luofeng’s disciple!”

The Ou Family Head furiously shouted as a layer of sharp wind surrounded his fists and very soon, punched towards Lin Ruobai.

“Master, be careful!”

Witnessing the scene, Green Phoenix stood before Lin Ruobai in a flash and released a cry. Affected by her cry, the Ou Family Head paused. It was also during this instant that Green Phoenix launched an attack…

“This spiritual beast is of god-level cultivation?” Nangong Qing narrowed his eyes as he mumbled.

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