Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1103 - Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (1)

Chapter 1103: Xiao Bai Meeting Danger (1)

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“Is there anyone else who wants to provoke my Lord?” Huohuo’s brows raised as her domineering eyes looked towards everyone present and a wicked smile curled up on her adorable face.

Yun Luofeng’s posture was languid as her left hand supported her face and her devilish eyes shot a glance at the Ou Family Head who had an unsightly expression.

“Are you going to comply or to resist?”

Ou Family’s Head expression sank. “You should give us time to consider.”


This time, Yun Luofeng was very easy going and straightforwardly agreed to his request.

The Ou Family Head relaxed after hearing her reply. As long as Yun Luofeng gave them some buffering time, the Physician Tower wouldn’t be their opponent at that time when the three great families joined forces!


Just as he was indulging in his fantasy, the young lady’s voice progressively sounded.


Ou Family Head was stumped as he raised his head, looking at Yun Luofeng. His expression revealed him being at a loss, not understanding what she was saying.


Following the last number, Yun Luofeng straightened her posture and asked while beaming with a smile, “I’ve given all of you three seconds and I wonder if you’ve thought it over.”

“You…” The Ou Family Head’s face turned ashen from rage while flames of fury were spouting from his eyes, “How do you expect us to think it over in such a short time?”


Yun Luofeng crossed her legs then placed her hands on her knees and tapped. “Those who bow to me will prosper and those who resist will perish. If anyone dares to resist, kill without mercy!”

After the three words kill without mercy fell, the entire ground trembled.

Soon after, the Ou Family Head saw Huohuo appearing from thin air before him as she ruthlessly lifted him up and flung him out.

This crash caused the Ou Family’s Head to spit out fresh blood and he was in an extremely sorry state.

“I’ll give you another chance, have you thought it through?” Yun Luofeng lifted her brows and looked towards the few family heads with a fake smile.

Nangong Qing was silent for quite a while as he spoke. “Miss Yun, I know you are Yi’er’s friend and may I know if you could give me face? If you wish to unify the other families, we will not obstruct you. However, the matters of the three great families…”

“I asked you here not to talk it over but to merely inform you of my decision.” Her voice was very powerful, so powerful it was not easy to reject. “In addition, there’s a limit to my patience. If you do not agree, I will not let you leave this West District.”

At this very moment, the family heads of the various families only felt regret. The invitation of the Physician Tower was clearly a banquet set up with the aim of murdering them. The joke was that they had belittled the Physician Tower from the very beginning to the extent that they attended the banquet unaccompanied.

Nangong Qing’s eyes slightly sank and swept towards Nangong Yunyi beside him and said, “Yi’er, both of you have a good relationship, why don’t you speak up and say a few words?”

Nangong Yunyi turned away his head, seemingly not hearing Nangong Qing’s words…

“You haven’t made a decision?” Yun Luofeng raised her legs and stood up. Her bewitching eyes contained a biting cold glint, “This being the case, then…”


Nangong Qing suddenly spoke up and stopped Yun Luofeng. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said. “Miss Yun, I’m willing to comply with you.”

A wise man submits to circumstances!

Nangong Qing could clearly sense the power Huohuo possessed, and her strength was definitely not simple. Even if everyone were to join forces, they might not be her opponent!

“Nangong Family’s Head, you’re too weak,” Ou Family Head said while looking at Nangong Qing with a sneer, “Agreeing to it just because you’ve been threatened by a woman? I would never… ahhhh!”

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