Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1102 - Making Authority Known (7)

Chapter 1102: Making Authority Known (7)

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This is absolutely impossible. Something must be wrong. How could the Tower Master of the Physician Tower be so young?

“Yun Luofeng!” Ou Ya stood up rapidly and tightly clenched her fist, “You’re the Tower Master? Why didn’t you mention this before? Did you purposely want to make a fool out of me?”

Yun Luofeng looked towards Ou Ya and her lips curled up. “Did you ever ask about my identity?”

Indeed, when Ou Ya went looking for Yun Luofeng previously, she clung to her own view that Yun Luofeng had joined the Physician Tower, yet Ou Ya had never asked about her identity.


Ou Ya’s legs went soft and she sat down. She faintly shivered and looked at Yun Luofeng with a hint of hatred.

Nangong Lan was also dumbfounded. She never expected that a woman she had disdained was actually the Tower Master of the Physician Tower that caused a sensation during this period of time.

No wonder…

It is no wonder Nangong Yunyi was well-versed in medical skills. So it turns out, it was related to the Physician Tower!

Nangong Lan’s eyelids drooped, concealing the anger and killing intent in her eyes.

If she had known that Nangong Yunyi was related to the Physician Tower, she would have killed him regardless of the consequences!

“Yun Luofeng, such huge news, but you’ve even kept it hidden from me?”

Although he had long guessed everything, after verifying his conjecture, Nangong Yunyi felt complicated feelings deep down as he resentfully stared directly at Yun Luofeng.

“You never asked me,” Yun Luofeng paused and continued, “Furthermore, you’ve previously described me as a devil and monster, so how could I tell you about this?”

The hidden bitterness in Nangong Yunyi’s eyes became increasingly dense. The expression he used to look at Yun Luofeng caused her hair to stand up, just like she was a scoundrel that had abandoned her husband.

“Miss Yun,” After seeing Yun Luofeng, Nangong Qing was shocked at first but recovered very soon as he faintly smiled and asked. “May I know for what matters you have sought out for the three great families?”

Yun Luofeng flung her sleeves and sat down. She lazily leaned against the chair while her pitch-black eyes contained a hint of a smile.

“You should be clear about my motive for inviting you here!” Yun Luofeng smiled. “It’s time for the situation of the three great families in this Endless City to be permanently changed.”

Ou Family’s head expression changed. “You mean…”

“I want this Endless City to become mine and you can only comply with me. As for those who rebel, they are to be killed!” Yun Luofeng’s tone was very light, as arrogance and aggressiveness was surging forth in her bewitching voice

Those who bow to me will prosper and those who resist will perish.

“Hahaha!” Ou Family’s head laughed out loud, “Yun Luofeng, are you joking with us? On what basis, should we bow to you?”

Yun Luofeng’s wicked eyes fell on Ou Family head.

Afterward, she slowly raised her hand…

“Based on the fact that I have the ability to not let you all walk out of here!”


Massive force chopped down on the top of their heads and at the time Ou Family head raised his head, what entered his eyes was a lump of scarlet flames…

These scarlet flames were dazzling that caused him to be unable to open his eyes.

Just then, a trace of power entered his body, and with a bang he immediately flew out and crashed on the ground. A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out, dyeing the ground red.

Standing before the crowd was a young girl who looked as if carved from jade and very adorable. Her huge bright eyes were filled with smiles as the radiance on her petite face was brilliant….

However, no matter how adorable she looked, she still caused feelings of fear to rise in everyone’s heart, and even… the Ou Family’s head subconsciously pushed the chair a few steps back.

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