Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1100 - Making Authority Known (5)

Chapter 1100: Making Authority Known (5)

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As everyone knew, gold-seeking hamsters would not have a huge achievement in their entire life but what they witnessed today had toppled their understanding.

The Nangong Family was the first to step down from the carriage as they slowly went towards Ye Ling and Qingyan. Yet, at this moment, no one noticed that Nangong Yunyi was completely stupefied after seeing Qingyan and the rest.

Others might not recognize Qingyan and the rest but it was impossible for him who often went to find Yun Luofeng to have never met them before!

Nangong Yunyi fiercely slapped his head and the expression he used to look at Qingyan and the rest was filled with astonishment.

He was unable to understand why they were currently present.

Could it be… Yun Luofeng is related to the Physician Tower?

“Miss, please lead the way,” A smile curled up on Nangong Qing’s face.

Although he was unsatisfied with the Physician Tower’s way of doing things, it would undoubtedly be an unwise choice to reject them at this moment and importance had to be attached to the overall situation!

“In addition…” Qingyan smiled and continued. “My Miss has ordered, other than the few Family Heads, young master and miss, others have to wait outside!”

The expression of the Ou Family’s Head had thoroughly changed. “Don’t go too far!”

Qingyan shot him a glance and smiled seemingly not smiling. “Why? Could it be that the Ou Family Head thinks that the Physician Tower would harm you? Besides, if we truly wanted to harm you, how can these bodyguards of yours resist us? It’s only because our Physician Tower is lacking in space so we are unable to accommodate so many inside. Thus, we can only let them wait outside.”


Seeing that the Ou Family Head was about to explode, Ou Ya hastily tugged on his sleeves and softly whispered. “There’s no use even if we bring along these guards and we might as well leave them here. Furthermore, I’ve sure that the Physician Tower would never harm us!”

The Ou Family Head snorted as a cold glint flickered in his narrowed eyes.

“Your Physician Tower will regret your decisions of today! Let’s go!” He then fiercely swung his sleeves and walked into the West District.

“Father, Mother,” After the Ou family and the rest left, the child’s dazed face finally had a reaction. Her juvenile voice slowly sounded in the quiet streets, “People from the Physician Tower are so mighty. I want to join the Physician Tower when I grow up.”

In this child’s heart, a seed had been planted and in the subsequent decades, she would strive hard towards this goal. It was also because of today’s unexpected situation that changed her future.

In the Physician Tower, it was extremely silent, being somewhat strange.

Everyone was buried in their work to the extent that no one went to welcome people from the three great families.

Alas, their patience wore out and spoke up. “It has been about 16 hours since we’re here. When will the Tower Master arrive?”

“Continue waiting.”

The young man answered without lifting his head. “Do you think our Tower Master is as idle as you? After the Tower Master finishes the work she has, she will meet with you.”

The Ou Family’s head expression sank once again, but it would do no good if he exploded, so he could only tightly grip on the chair to vent his internal anger.

Time slowly elapsed and the patience of the Ou Family’s Head had been depleted. With a bang, his palms heavily slammed on the table as he furiously shouted in a cold voice.

“Let your Tower Master come out and meet me immediately!”

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him as they were all buried in work, to the extent of not even sparing him a glance.

Wu Family’s head and Nangong Qing’s expression were also unsightly. At the very least, they were the Family Head of the three great influential families, and this Physician Tower actually displayed such huge airs to have them wait here?

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