Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1099 - Making Authority Known (4)

Chapter 1099: Making Authority Known (4)

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The woman standing beside him looked delicate and pretty, while her eyes that seemed to be able to speak contained a bright radiance. She took a glance at the middle-aged man before turning to the child that was shocked and frozen in place.

“Are you alright?” She gently picked the child up from the ground. Her voice was melodious like a bell, yet it had miraculously calmed the frightened heart of the child.


The child’s parents hastily ran over with a pale complexion. Clearly, they had yet to recover from the shock. Knowing that their child was safe and sound, they turned towards the green-robed lady and knelt down gratefully.

“Thank you for saving our daughter.”

The lady faintly smiled. “Apologies. It’s because of the Physician’s Tower that we had brought you trouble. If we had not invited these people, your daughter wouldn’t have met with danger. Therefore, saving you is something we should do.”

After speaking, she slowly turned and walked to the handsome man’s side while her clear and crisp voice gradually contained an imposing tone.

“My Miss has commanded, anyone who enters the West District must travel on foot!”

The expression of the Ou Family’s Head changed and an unrelenting emotion flashed through his eyes. “What intentions does the Physician Tower have to make us travel on foot to enter the West District?”

“You’ve all witnessed this scene. Because you barged through the roads, you nearly harmed an innocent child! Therefore, if you continue traveling in a carriage, you will not be allowed in the West District. We have to be responsible for the common people’s safety!”

Making their authority known?

Ou Family Head narrowed his eyes and killing intent flickered within. This Physician Tower was trying to show their strength the moment they arrived!

“Presumptuous!” Seeing Qingyan speaking rudely, the Ou Family bodyguard immediately furiously shouted, “You’re only a dog of the Physician Tower and what right do you have to speak to our Family Head like that? Furthermore, the lives of these lowly commoners are not worth speaking of, so what if they die? At the very most it’s just a matter of compensating a few gold coins.”

A gush of fury surged forth in Qingyan and she snorted while speaking expressionlessly. “The commands of my Miss must be carried out! If you dare to advance, I will never let you take another step forward.


Just as Qingyan spoke, countless gold-seeking hamsters emerged in the streets from all directions while chirping. Countless pairs of eyes stared in warning at the people from the various families.

“Milk Tea, Queen Hamster, if anyone dares to step forward while riding on the carriage, kill them!”

Everyone was startled as they saw two people walking forward from the rear of the gold-seeking hamster crowd.

Between the two of them, one was a youth that has yet to shed off his childhood innocence. His figure was tall and slender, with cherry red lips and white teeth, making others to be reluctant to part with him upon meeting.

The other one was like a graceful and poised imperial consort and perhaps even an Empire’s Queen was incomparable to her as she was honorable and proud, a motherly model of the nation.

“No, their auras are somewhat strange,” the Ou Family Head was the first to recover his senses and his expression was unsightly. “They’re spirit beasts!”

Milk Tea and Queen Hamster were not like Huohuo, who could control her own aura at all times such that even an expert could not sense her true identity.

However, it had not been long since both of them transformed into a human, so they had yet to learn how to prevent their aura from leaking out. Thus, it was easy for experts to make out their identities.

“Spirit beasts? How could this be? Both of them are spirit beasts?”

“In addition, these are all these gold-seeking hamsters. Oh my, each and every one of their strengths is above sky-level cultivation. Are they still gold-seeking hamsters?”

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