Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1098 - Making Authority Known (3)

Chapter 1098: Making Authority Known (3)

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At the same time, a storm of disturbance surfaced in the Wu Family.

Within the luxurious and exquisite hall, Wu Family’s head sat upright with a grave and stern expression. His gaze overlooked the people surrounding him as he solemnly spoke. “In regards to the Physician Tower’s actions, what does everyone think of it?”

The Physician Tower’s actions had evidently affected the situation in Endless City.

Perhaps with their arrival, it would break the situation of a stalemate between three factions and this was not what they wished to see.

“Family Head, I feel that we should accept the Physician Tower’s invitation and see what the Tower Master has planned in passing.” The elder of the Wu family revealed a gloomy expression as he eerily laughed, “In addition, we can investigate the Physician Tower’s strength using this opportunity!”

Knowing their own strength and the enemy was crucial to emerging victorious in every battle!

Wu Family Head slapped the table and stood up. “Alright, all you shall start preparing. Shortly after, I will head forth to the Physician Tower!”

West District.

Compared to the other few districts, the West District was considered a run-down location. Not to mention the bigwigs of the three great families, even people from other factions were unwilling to take a step here.

However, the West District was exceptional lively today. Not only were there countless experts seeking treatment, even people from the three big families came while riding in their carriages. In particular, the three Family Heads were present.

Therefore, the entire West District was in shock. Numerous commoners stood out and curiously watched at those luxurious carriages traveling on the road.

Unfortunately, these bigwigs were accustomed to being domineering and after witnessing these commoners surrounding them and watching, they were instantly furious.

A bodyguard suddenly stood out and pointed towards a young girl standing in the middle of the road while sternly shouting. “Don’t you see the Ou Family people here? Yet you still dare to stand in the middle of the road? Hurry and scram!”

This young girl was only around three to four years old and had held a candied fruit in her hands. Hearing the bodyguard’s furious shout, her bright red face was filled with confusion. Evidently, she did not understand what the bodyguard said.

The guard coldly snorted, “I’ve already reminded you, but you’re clearly seeking death!”

As such, the driver of the carriage did not stop because of the child blocking in front but instead, increased his speed and rushed over.

Blinking her eyes, the child’s bright and rounded eyes curiously looked at the carriage rushing over.

Perhaps because… she had never seen such a luxurious carriage in her lifetime!


When the crowd saw that the carriage was about to run over the child, they screamed in shock. The child’s parents were peddling candied fruits at one side and after hearing everyone’s scream, they looked over subconsciously…

And witnessed a scene that caused their heartbeat to race!

They wanted to rush over and save their daughter but it was too late and they could only look on helplessly at the carriage running over her…


Seeing that the carriage was about to run over her, a sharp sword chopped down from the skies and struck the carriage. With a sword strike, the cabin had been sliced into two sections.

“Who dares to mount a sneak attack on our Ou Family!”

Within the carriage, a middle-aged man dressed in embroidered clothing walked out. His figure seemed rather embarrassing but he did not lose his imposing manner. His expression that was as sharp as a knife shot unwavering towards the man and woman walking over from behind the child.

The man was handsome and indifferent while his eyes emitted a biting cold chilly aura. He held onto a long sword and he looked at the middle-aged man.

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