Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1097 - Making Authority Known (2)

Chapter 1097: Making Authority Known (2)

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Qing Mu’s mouth twitched. The plan of using the gifts given to them to build relationships was a good move by Yun Luofeng. If those people were to know of this, their intestines would certainly turn green.

“Qing Mu, Ge Yang,” Yun Luofeng looked at the two elders standing before her as she quirked her brows and spoke. “Now that the Physician Tower’s strength is expanding, it’s time to unify Endless City.”

Unify Endless City?

All the elders shocked gazes fell on Yun Luofeng in succession.

Was her objective to unify the entire Endless City?

Qing Mu was somewhat hesitant. “Tower Master, the strongest expert of the three largest families has broken through to sage-level cultivation. I doubt it’ll be easy to unify Endless City.”

“There’s nothing impossible in this world! So what if it’s filled with difficulties? The words that I, Yun Luofeng speak, will definitely be achieved!”

At this moment, the young lady stuck out her chest and stood upright, while her fine black hair flowed along with the wind, seemingly so gorgeous she could overturn a state.

Her words were determined and confident as she domineeringly announced to everyone, causing them to be unconsciously moved.

“Qing Mu, send an invitation to the three great influential families and invite them to the Physician Tower.”

“Tower Master, what are you planning?” Qing Mu was startled for a moment and asked while he failed to understand her actions.

Yun Luofeng’s smile was wicked and chilly. “You’ll know when the time comes.”…

“Seems like the Physician Tower is about to make a huge move.”

In the Nangong Clan, Nangong Qing who received the invitation crushed the card while he was in deep thought. “Merely, what motive does the Physician Tower have by inviting the Nangong Clan over? To display their might?”

“Family Head, it is said that the Tower Master is mysterious and unpredictable. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for us to obtain her information.

“This time, there is no lack of families heading towards the Physician Tower to rope in people and I reckon it must have angered the Physician Tower, resulting in this invitation.”

A lively conversation went on as various elders joined in and started discussing excitedly.

Nangong Qing’s expression did not change and his furrowed brows clearly contained a hint of worry, that only loosened after a long time. “Inform the young master and miss for them to follow me at that time.”

“Yes, Family Head.” The bodyguards beside promptly replied and respectfully cupped their fists before retreating.

Nangong Qing placed the invitation on the table while his eyes contained an unknown glint.

“I wish to know the expressions of Ou Family and Wu family after they receive the invitation.”

Currently, within the Ou Family, the middle-aged man fiercely threw the invitation on the table while his face was ashen as he furiously spoke. “What is the meaning of this? Not paying respects to the Ou Family after arriving in Endless City and now they have even sent out such an invitation. Especially the content of this invitation, it’s simply going too far!”

Ou Ya did not speak but bent down to pick the invitation. A few words written in gold were on the invitation card.

“In the afternoon, the Physician Tower invites everyone to visit. If one does not proceed towards the Tower, there will be men from the Physician Tower personally coming to invite you. If one were to be determined in not coming, we have no choice but to use force!”

What did they mean by using force?

This was clearly a threat!

“Father,” A trace of a chill look flashed through Ou Ya’s eyes and she laughed soundlessly. “I feel that this Physician Tower is quite interesting. Why don’t we make this trip? I’d like to see who is the Tower Master of this Physician Tower.”

The middle-aged man sneered. “The person who can threaten our Ou Family doesn’t exist! It’s just a Physician Tower yet they dare to be so rampant! They’re truly going too far and I will never let this pass!”

After he arrived at the Physician tower, he would release his temperament and let these people know that regardless who they provoked, they never should have provoked the Ou Family!

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