Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1096 - Making Authority Known (1)

Chapter 1096: Making Authority Known (1)

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Ou Ya’s expression sank in a flash. “Nangong Yunyi, I came here looking for Miss Yun is to discuss something with her. Moreover, I accidentally slipped and fell earlier on, and it’s not related to you. It’s also impossible I would come looking for trouble with Miss Yun because of you.”

Nangong Yunyi was completely at a loss, clearly not understanding the meaning behind her words.

Milk Tea glared warningly at Nangong Yunyi. “What kind of taste do you have, to fancy such a woman!”

“This…” Nangong Yunyi scratched his head and awkwardly laughed, “She looked similar to my previous girlfriend and I momentarily wasn’t able to restrain myself, so I had bothered her. Currently, I’ve cleared my head and I understand they’re not the same person.”

Oy Ya’s expression became increasingly unsightly and her tightly clenched fist produced sounds of cracking.

Nangong Yunyi chased her because she reminded him of another woman?

How could Ou Ya, whose heart was loftier than the sky, be able to tolerate this?

“Nangong Yunyi, I hope you won’t regret your words today!” Ou Ya got up from the ground and fiercely flung her sleeves, “Elder Ou Lin, let’s go.”

Ou Lin coldly swept a glance of superiority and disdain at Nangong Yunyi and Milk Tea before he snorted and left. Since these people were unwilling to join the Ou Family, then they would prevent them from climbing up socially!

Even though Ou Ya had already left, her actions in West District had spread around and soon after, the entire Endless City knew about her actions of finding trouble with another woman because of Nangong Yunyi.

For a moment, the residents of Endless City were secretly criticizing her from head to feet, also causing her reputation to suffer a disastrous decline.

At the same time, people from various families were not resigned to playing second and did their utmost to rope in the Elders of the Physician Tower.

After learning of their actions, Yun Luofeng spoke up. Anyone who came to give gifts could leave them, and as to whether the elders were willing to meet with them, it would be their problem. Hearing her words, these people left beaming with smiles. For them, as long as the elders accepted their gifts, they would have hope.

Unfortunately, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Some factions were about to go bankrupt from sending gifts, yet they had yet to even meet with the elders, so how were to supposed to rope them in?

In comparison, all the elder’s hands were about to go numb from accepting gifts. They looked at the number of gifts piled up in their workroom before gazing at Yun Luofeng with an aggrieved expression.

“Tower Master, those people coming with gifts are about to damage the gates with the frequency they’re coming. In addition, it doesn’t seem good for us to accept the gifts?”

Yun Luofeng sized up the room stacked with gifts. Her fingers lightly caressed her chin as she smiled. “When they came, have they ever mentioned wanting to meet you? Since they’ve never raised any request, why wouldn’t I accept their gifts?”

The elders looked at each other in dismay.

Even if these people hadn’t said anything, their motives were clear. If it weren’t to meet the various elders, why would they bother to send gifts? Yet, it was because they did not say anything that allowed Yun Luofeng to take advantage of them!

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but feel pity for those families who bumped against the muzzle of the gun.

It would be good if they tried to hit on other factions but unfortunately, they chose to try to rope in people from Yun Luofeng’s faction. Weren’t they waiting to be taking advantage of?

“Feel free to accept all the gifts they bring without being courteous. If you feel that you’re unable to accept these gifts, you can give them to your subordinates!” Yun Luofeng smirked, “I believe those people below you will work harder after receiving these gifts.


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