Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1093 - Poaching (2)

Chapter 1093: Poaching (2)
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“I have a feeling that she isn’t simple!” A chilly smile curled on his lips, “Of course, if she can be used by us, naturally we wouldn’t treat her unfairly. If all else fails, we will kill her.”

Ou Ya raised her eyes in shock. Even if she disliked Yun Luofeng, she had never thought of killing her but her father wanted to end her life?

“Ya’er,” Looking at Ou Ya’s shocked face, the tone of the middle-aged man softened. “Recently Endless City hasn’t been very peaceful, particularly after a faction called the Physician Tower emerged. Even now, I have yet to understand the true strength behind this faction. Especially the Tower Master, she is totally untraceable and other than knowing she’s a female, we are completely unaware of other information like her age.”

“Therefore‚Ķ” The middle-aged man paused for a moment and continued speaking, “I cannot let the influence of this Physician Tower continue to expand! Since you’ve said that this woman is extremely skilled in medical skills, then we can’t let her be won over by the Physician Tower!”

Ou Ya was silent for a while before she raised her head and asked. “What if she already belongs to the Physician Tower?”

The middle-aged man smiled and showed off a confident look. “Then we will offer even more generous benefits to win her over! I don’t believe the Physician Tower can snatch a person from our Ou Family! Oh right, I heard the strength of a few Elders in the Physician Tower is pretty good. Think of ways to bring them over.”

“Without these elders overseeing the Physician Tower, it is merely an empty shell.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man clearly didn’t expect the person he wanted to poach was the Physician Tower’s Tower Master herself and only after he was aware of everything did he realize the mistakes he committed!

“Yes, father.” Ou Ya turned solemn and replied.

Once she thought of the fact that the person she had to rope in was someone she loathed, she felt unhappy deep down. However, for the Ou Family, she had to abandon her personal grudges and no matter how much she disliked Yun Luofeng, she had to rope her in with all her effort!

West District, within the courtyard.

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against an expensive chair while her eyes were covered with two green leaves as she was calmly sunbathing.

Milk Tea compliantly massaged her leg and the smile on his face was full of flattery.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar aura arrived from the front, causing Yun Luofeng to remove the green leaves covering her eyes. A lazy smile curled up on her face as she smiled at Ou Ya who was walking over.

At this moment, an elderly man was following alongside Ou Ya and his eyes were filled with contempt as he was sizing up the courtyard of Yun Luofeng’s house.

He even lifted up his legs as he walked, afraid that he would dirty his shoes.

“You’re here to express your thanks?” Yun Luofeng languidly stretched, “However, you’re thanking the wrong person. If you wish to express your thanks, you should find Nangong Yunyi. After all, he helped you cure all those patients.”

Ou Ya’s expression sunk. Everything she had done with difficulty had been taken advantage of by Nangong Yunyi and this made her feel unresigned in her heart. However, no matter how furious she was, she restrained her anger.

“Miss Yun, I have something to discuss with you with my visit today,” A smile appeared on her face, “I admire your abilities and may I know if you would be willing to become an elder of our Ou Family?”

Yun Luofeng lifted her brows. In regards to Ou Ya’s background, she was already in the know. After Nangong Yunyi revealed his abilities, it would definitely cause numerous gazes to linger on her.


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