Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1092 - Poaching (1)

Chapter 1092: Poaching (1)

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Nangong Qing recovered from his shock and joy could be seen across his face. To him, this was undoubtedly a surprise! The son he always assumed to be worthless unexpectedly had such outstanding innate talent.

“Men, invite Eldest Young Master over.”

Nangong Qing cleared his throat, then dryly coughed and in a rejuvenated manner, he said and had a lofty expression, “Everyone, please take a seat and enjoy the tea. Shortly, I’ll let Yi’er treat your illnesses.”

Ever since Nangong Yunyi returned to the Family, he had never once held his head high.

Nangong Lan looked at Nangong Qing who had a smile across his whole face and gnashed her teeth as she turned to leave.

The split second she turned, the killing intent in her eyes could no longer be concealed and gushed forth.

Not long after that, news of the numerous family heads going towards the Nangong Family to seek Nangong Yunyi for treatment had spread throughout the entire Endless City like a wildfire and caused a huge sensation.

After this news was known by the Ou Family, Ou Ya’s complexion swiftly changed but she recovered her initial expression very soon.

“Miss,” the servant maid beside was feeling indignant, “clearly you gathered these people but it has worked in Nangong Yunyi’s favor! I feel indignant for you.”

Ou Ya squinted her eyes and the corner of her lips curled, revealing an elegant smirk. “Unexpectedly Nangong Yunyi has medical skills?”

“Miss, you aren’t…” The servant maid was startled and she prudently looked at Ou Ya.

Ou Ya quirked her brow and the smile on her face deepened.

“You’re overthinking. Even if Nangong Yunyi is well versed in medical skills, I will not be interested in him. If I were to marry him, it would definitely cause my father to be ashamed.”

Only now did the servant maid loosen up and giggled to parrot her words. “You’re right. Even if Nangong Yunyi is well versed in medical skills, it can’t change the fact that he’s an illegitimate child. Miss, you’re so outstanding and the person you marry will definitely a giant among men. How is Nangong Yunyi deserving of you?”

Ou Ya did not express her opinion. In her heart, the difference in status between her and Nangong Yunyi was too huge so how could he be worthy of her?

“If Nangong Yunyi wasn’t an illegitimate child, perhaps I might consider him. Regrettably, his identity made him destined not to be fated with me.” Ou Ya sighed as her voice was rather regretful.

Nangong Yunyi’s mother had to be blamed for everything. If it weren’t because she was unfaithful, how would Nangong Yunyi have such an ending? Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had rejected him…

“Miss, the Lord is asking for you.” Suddenly, a servant maid ran over in haste and informed while panting for breath.

Hearing the servant maid’s words, Ou Ya controlled her expression and slowly got up.

“Why is Father looking for me?” Thinking of this, Ou Ya lightly frowned and spoke to the servant maid before her. “I understand.”

After speaking, she went towards the study room.

Within the study room, a middle-aged man had his hands behind his back and turned around the moment he heard the door opening. His line of sight fell on the elegant lady who walked in unhurriedly while his tone gradually softened.

“Ya’er, you’re here?’

Ou Ya faintly smiled and her manner of speaking was extremely deferential. “Father, for what matters are you looking for me?”

The middle-aged man nodded. “I reckon you’ve heard the news about Nangong Yunyi. Unexpectedly, this bastard child had hidden himself so deeply that perhaps we’ve made a mistake in our judgment. Oh right, the woman you mentioned who was in the limelight during Nangong Yunyi’s birthday celebration, have you sent for men to look into her?”

Ou Ya narrowed her eyes and a cold light flashed across her eyes. “That woman claimed that she’s Nangong Yunyi’s senior and I’m still unclear about the specifics. If Father wishes to know about her identity, I can dispatch men to check.”

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